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When Does Taylor Swift Midnights Come out In October 2022?

Taylor Swift used a brief segment of her Video of the Year address at the MTV VMAs to drop the following bombshell: Her tenth album, Midnights, will be released on October 21. With regard to the Video of the Year award, she addressed her fans and stated, “I had sort of made up my mind that if you were going to be this generous and give us this, I thought it could be a wonderful opportunity to tell you that my brand-new album comes out October 21st.

At midnight, I’ll give you further information. In order to create anticipation for the unfolding, she soon modified the bios on her social media accounts to read “meet me at midnight.” The word quickly became a popular hashtag on Twitter.

When 12 a.m. arrived, Swift provided plenty of information on what to anticipate from her 10th studio album and also unveiled the cover art.

When Does Taylor Swift’s Midnights Come Out?

when does taylor swift midnights come out

The wait for Taylor’s upcoming album won’t be too long. The publication of Midnights is scheduled for Friday, October 21.

On October 21, at “midnight sharp,” Taylor will release her album. We’ll definitely hear from her again closer to the release date. Like most of Taylor’s releases, the complete album will be made available for streaming at 12AM EST.

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What Is Taylor Swift’s Midnights About?

On Midnights, Taylor tells “tales of 13 sleepless nights scattered across” each of the album’s 13 songs.

Taylor provided more information about the meaning of the album in a quick teaser video posted on social media.

“We are crying and in turmoil while lying awake in love and terror. We drink till the walls start speaking while we stare at them. We writhe in our self-made prisons and hope that we aren’t going to make some terrible mistake that will change the course of our lives right now.”

“This is a collection of late-night songs that takes the listener on a voyage through terrifying and delightful dreams. We pace the floors while battling our demons.

For all of us who have tossed and turned and made the decision to keep the lanterns burning and continue looking in the hopes that perhaps, at twelve, we would run into each other.”

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Taylor Swift Midnights’ Clock Theory: What Do the Colours on The Clock Mean?

Fans have already speculated that one of Taylor’s most recent teasers may have concealed a significant clue regarding the tunes.

Taylor’s “(Taylor’s Version)” tracks now all have a clock with variously coloured numerals as their Spotify cover art. precisely 5 distinct colours. White, Black, Red, Yellow, and Green.

Theoretically, track 4 and track 5—both red—could be about two restless nights she experienced during the Red era. Fans have speculated that the colours may be linked to the respective albums. Similarly, the yellow tracks 7 and 8 might be from the Fearless era. Green is the colour of her debut album, whilst blue is frequently linked to 1989.

Fans speculate that the fact that the numerals 3, 6, and 9 all share two colours may indicate that those nights took place in between those eras. So, 3 events may have occurred between the 1989 and Red periods, 6 events could have occurred between the Red and Fearless eras, and so on.

What can the white 12 symbolise, then? Moreover, where is the 13th track? We’ll have to wait and see on that one, I guess.

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Taylor Swift’s Midnights Track List: What Are the Song Titles?

Taylor hasn’t teased any song titles yet; she has only said that Midnights features 13 tracks. Or has she?

Taylor identifies the 13 tracks in the social media post with titles like “Track 1,” “Track 2,” and “Track 3.”

While some fans believe they are simply song titles, others are certain she peppered the song names throughout her tweet announcing the album.

Right this second? When “In Love and In Fear”? “Lanterns”? Why “Meet Me At Midnight”? The unknown!

On September 21st at midnight, Taylor uploaded the first of her Midnights Mayhem With Me teaser films, disclosing the title for Track 13, which is named ‘Mastermind

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