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When Does Oddballs Come Out? Coming to Netflix in October 2022

Oddballs, a new animated comedy series from Netflix, will premiere in October 2022. James Rollinson, creator of TheOdd1sOut, will also serve as executive producer and star of his own web series. This is all we know about the first season of the Netflix show Oddballs.

Oddballs is an original cartoon series developed by James Rallinson and Ethan Banville for Netflix. The animation aesthetic was conceived in part as an homage to Rallinson’s massively successful YouTube channel TheOdd1sOut, which boasts over 18 million followers as of this writing.

Both Rallison and Banville, along with Carl Faruolo and Michael Zoumas, are executive producers for the show. Oddballs were created by Netflix Animation in conjunction with Atomic Cartoons.

When Is the Oddballs Netflix Release Date?

Coming to Netflix in October 2022 is Netflix’s brand new animated comedy series, Oddballs. Created by TheOdd1sOut’s James Rollinson, the YouTuber will produce and star in the series as himself! Here’s everything we know so far about Oddballs season 1 on Netflix.

Oddballs will premiere on Netflix throughout the world on October 7th, 2022.

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What is the plot of Oddballs?

when does oddballs come out

Oddballs, a Netflix original, has been described as follows:

The plot of Oddballs centers on James, a bubble-shaped youngster whose keen observations serve as fodder for his hilarious rants about mundane annoyances that he then takes to crazy levels.

James’s best pals are a crocodile named Max and a girl named Echo who claims to be from the future, and together they get into a lot of trouble for their absurd plots to question conventions.

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Who Are the Cast Members of Oddballs?

In Oddballs, James Rallison, the show’s creator, producer, and YouTube sensation, will portray the title character.

when does oddballs come out

Max is played by Julian Gant. Gant’s breakout performance as Carter on the FOX show Call Me Kat brought him widespread attention.

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His other acting credits include Fuller House and the Netflix Original film Prank Encounters.

when does oddballs come out

Since the 1990s, Kimberly Brooks has provided her voice to several animated characters in TV shows, movies, and video games thanks to her considerable skill as a voice actor. She has lent her voice to a number of popular media, including DC Video Games (as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl) and Netflix Original Series (as Alura/Voltron: Legendary Defender). Brooks provides Echo’s voice in Oddballs.

when does oddballs come out

Below is the full cast of Oddballs:

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