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When Does Avatar Come Out? Avatar 2 Is Coming in December 2022!

The sequel to James Cameron’s box office smash Avatar, titled Avatar: The Way of Water, is finally making its way to theatres. Although it appears improbable, the confirmed release date is still expected to occur on the specified day.

The name was announced in May, right before the first teaser trailer hit the web. The trailer was almost 150 million times in its first 24 hours, despite being more of a preview of the sights than the plot.

Cameron’s proposal for the sequel sounds “sort of insane,” the director told EW. Basically, “we’d never do this if Avatar hadn’t earned so much damn money, because it’s nuts.”

The arrival of the sequel this year will set in motion a series of installments that will be released every two years until the release of Avatar 5 in December 2028. But for the time being, let’s keep our focus on Avatar 2.

Learn all there is to know about Avatar: The Water Trilogy right now.

Avatar 2 Release Date:

When Does Avatar Come Out

To make a long story short, the release date of Avatar 2 has been pushed back from December 2021 to December 16 of 2022 due to the ongoing global health crisis.

Production on the sequel began in 2017, although the movie’s delay is understandable considering it features both live-action and motion capture sequences. The production of Avatar 2 was “100% complete” when director James Cameron announced it in September 2020, and production on Avatar 3 was roughly 95% complete.

Cameron stated in April 2022 that he is putting the “final touches” on the sequel, thus it appears that the scheduled December 2022 release is still on schedule. FINALLY.

Cameron has spent the past few years developing all three of our upcoming films. December 2021 saw the director admit that, despite the young cast, he has already shot some of Avatar 4.

Without exception, we shot scenes 2, 3, and even some of 4 with the same actors “”I was telling Variety,” he said.

“A gunshot had to be fired to get the youngsters out of there. In the story’s midsection, on page 25 of film 4, they are given permission to age six years. So, I required everything before that time, and everything after that may be handled at a later date.”

Cameron has also hinted that he may not direct Avatar 4 or 5 but promised a “corker” for the fourth film. “Honestly, I’m praying that I do. However, this is subject to the whims of the market. Now that Episode 3 has been recorded, we must release it “A report by Empire states that he made this statement.

“Since the whole thing is just one big story, I really hope we get to make parts four and five.

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Avatar 2 Cast: Who’s Back in Avatar the Way of Water?

when does avatar come out

Cameron’s initial Avatar stars are all signed up, so they’ll be there when the movie finally takes off.

In addition to Sam Worthington’s comeback as the human-turned-Navi Jake Sully, Navi princess Neytiri will be played by Zoe Saldana.

Fans speculated that one of the Navi characters is actually the dead Colonel Miles Quaritch, who had his DNA or his consciousness uploaded into an avatar as Jake did in the first movie. Stephen Lang reprises his role as Quaritch in all four films.

Furthermore, in July of 2022, Lang stated that this notion was correct, stating that Quaritch is now “larger, he’s bluer, he’s angry off.” Uh-oh.

Sigourney Weaver, a sci-fi legend, will reprise her role as Kiri, a Navi youngster adopted by Neytiri and Jake, in the sequel. She told Interview magazine that she enjoyed learning parkour and freediving specifically for the part.

After working together on the 1997 hit Titanic, Kate Winslet returns to the James Cameron fold as Ronal in all three Avatar sequels. Per his peers, Ronal is “truly devoted and fearless” as a co-leader of the Metkayina tribe.

Edie Falco (The Sopranos, Nurse Jackie) will play the new character of General Ardmore, and CCH Pounder will return as Neytiri’s mother Moat. Matt Gerald will also return in his role as Corporal Lyle Wainfleet.

Featuring Fear the Walking Dead’s Cliff Curtis as Tonowari and returning cast members Bailey Bass (Reya) and Duane Evans Jr. (Rotxo), the sequel will feature a new Navi clan named the Metkayina.

In the sequel, Jamie Flatters plays Jake’s son Neteyam, Britain Dalton portrays Neytiri’s daughter Lo’ak, and Trinity Bliss plays Jake and Neytiri’s daughter Tuktirey. Miles Socorro, aka Spider, a human child played by Jack Champion, has been adopted by the couple.

A “powerful and energetic key character” who will appear in all four sequels, Varang will be played by Oona Chaplin (Game of Thrones).

Michelle Yeoh, a regular in Marvel films, has joined the cast in the role of Dr. Karina Mogue, a scientist, and we first saw her in action on set in March 2021. The caption implied that she would also appear in Avatar 3, so her prominence in the sequels should not be underestimated.

In addition to Jemaine Clement’s role as marine biologist Dr. Ian Garvin, whom Cameron calls “one of my favorite characters,” Vin Diesel, star of the Fast and Furious franchise, has joined the sequels.

Many people didn’t realize that David Thewlis, who played Snape in Harry Potter, would also be appearing in the sequel. It turns out he won’t be in Avatar 2, but he will be in Avatar 3 (and 4 and 5).

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Avatar 2 Plot: What Will Avatar the Way of Water Be About?

when does avatar come out

In addition to the title, the first official synopsis was also released.

The text states: “Jake Sully has made Pandora his home with his newfound family. When an old enemy reappears with the intention of finishing what he started, Jake must join forces with Neytiri and the Navi military to save their home world.”

Landau has stated that “the trip over all four movies will build a connected narrative,” therefore it is clear that even if there will be three more films in this series after this one, each will be a self-contained drama.

The RDA mining operation will return to Pandora, adding further complications and compelling Jake to bring his family to the “imagined safe harbor” at the reef, where they meet the Metkayina. Avatar 2’s underwater motion capture shots effectively convey the significance of water.

Deaf actor CJ Jones (Baby Driver) has been hired to develop a “new Navi sign language” just for the film.

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Avatar 2 Trailer: Watch the Avatar the Way of Water Trailer Here!

You can re-watch the teaser trailer, which had its world premiere at CinemaCon and was initially only shown in theatres in conjunction with Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness, down below.

Filmmaker Liam O’Donnell, who was in attendance at the Digiday event, said the clip showed was “quite promising.” “Seems like the craziest, most convoluted picture ever made. My God. After James Cameron’s keynote speech at Digital Day, [my] brain was officially shattered “.

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