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The Universal Pictures Boss Offers an Update on Tom Cruise Space Movie

We haven’t heard anything new about Doug Liman and Tom Cruise’s next space-themed film in a very long time. Donna Langley, chairman of the Universal Filmed Entertainment Group, has now officially shared information about their present plans for the big movie.

Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie are developing a musical, a thriller, and other projects.

In an interview with BBC, Langley affirmed that the project is still in the planning stages. According to their plan, Cruise would do the first spacewalk by a civilian outside of the space station. She also provided some further narrative details, indicating that most of the untitled Tom Cruise space movie would be set on Earth.

 Tom Cruise Space Movie

We’re going into space with Tom Cruise,” Langley stated. He is sending humanity into space. That is the strategy. We’re working on a fantastic project with Tom that does take that possibility into account.

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launching a rocket to the space station, firing, and, ideally, performing the first spacewalk by a human outside the space station. Both Top Gun movies are available in 4K, plus more, in the related post.

Since 2020, an untitled project has been in development with Doug Liman set to helm.

The Edge of Tomorrow director will also work as a writer and producer. The cruise will both star in and produce the film.

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