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The Trailer for Savage Salvation Features Robert De Niro, John Malkovich, and Quavo!

The first official trailer for the new movie Savage Salvation has been made public, and it depicts a struggle for vengeance in a community populated by drug trafficking organizations. Jack Hutson, Robert De Niro, John Malkovich, and rapper Quavo are among the movie’s impressive cast members. Randall Emmett is in charge of directing Savage Salvation, which Adam Taylor Barker and Chris Sivertson wrote the script for.

The official synopsis of the movie is, “Sheriff Church (Robert De Niro) and Detective Zeppelin fight to protect the peace in their tough town, whose citizens’ only two interests are the church or oxycodone.” Ruby Red and Shelby John (Jack Huston), who recently got engaged, seek a new beginning. Along with Peter, Ruby’s brother-in-law, they decide to start a family and become sober (John Malkovich).

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But before Ruby could realize her last request to be immersed in the river and cleansed of her previous sins, Shelby finds his beloved Ruby dead on their porch. Shelby, driven by a burning hatred, goes on a murderous rampage to exact revenge on everyone who wronged Ruby while they were involved in the drug trade.

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