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The Batman vs Dracula: Movie Review and Plot Details Revealed!

The animated feature film Batman vs. Dracula was released in 2005 on home video and is based on the television series of the same name. It has a significantly darker tone than the program, and features Vicki Vale. The movie was released on DVD on October 18, 2005, and made its television debut on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block on October 15, 2005.


batman vs dracula

During a game of bingo at Arkham Asylum, one of the inmates reveals to the Penguin that a big sum of money is stashed in a crypt behind a cross-stone in Gotham Cemetery. A guard then exclaims that the Joker has fled after the prisoner mentions telling him. The confusion provides Penguin with an opening, which he utilizes to escape.

On his way to the cemetery, Penguin runs up to Joker, and the two form a pact. However, Joker quickly turns on Penguin, knocking him out with an electrically charged Joy Buzzer. While keeping an eye out, Penguin notices Batman chasing Joker and cracks a wry grin.

When Penguin visits the cemetery, he discovers that many of the graves have crosses on them. Meanwhile, Batman and Joker fight, resulting in Joker’s apparent death, falling in water, and getting electrocuted by his own Joy Buzzers.

While in the graveyard, Penguin finds a crypt and breaks loose a dangling coffin. While doing so, he slashes his palm on the umbrella’s blade, and his blood trickles into the chest cavity, landing on the corpse’s heart. As Penguin emerges from the tomb, the corpse begins to come to life and grow new skin and internal organs.

After hearing the body, Penguin looks up and sees Dracula. The fragrance and trail of blood from Penguin’s wound lead Dracula right to him, despite his best efforts to flee. Dracula tracks down the guard at midnight and bleeds him dry. When Penguin witnesses the watchman’s transformation into a vampire, he is taken aback and argues that it is impossible for a dead man to take on such a form. Dracula says he is undead to prove his point.

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To gain access to food,The Batman vs Dracula hypnotises Penguin into serving as his guide across Gotham City. When Dracula remarks on how different Transylvania is now, Penguin reveals that he is actually in Gotham City. Count Dracula thinks he has changed since his death. In a flashback, we witness an enraged mob storm Dracula’s castle, commanded by a man who looks highly educated and is dressed quite formally. The leader kills Dracula for good by driving the stake through his chest. Yet the commander is aware that he has just rendered the vampire immobile, leaving him in a near-dead condition. Soon after, he had the vampire’s corpse shipped out of Transylvania and buried in the United States, on the spot where Gotham City would be built.

batman vs dracula

Bruce meets with Vicky Vale for an interview over dinner. Once back at Wayne Manor, he informs Alfred that he has extended an invitation to the business dinner as well as a Saturday night meal.

A woman is robbed while Batman is out on patrol, but the criminal is caught and Batman thinks he isn’t needed. But when he hears the woman scream again, he realizes the night watchman is a vampire. Vampirism has spread to the thief and the woman. Batman engages them in combat but is ultimately defeated, driving his foes back. The penguin later rouses Dracula, who has gained a more human appearance from feeding on human blood, and the two plot to turn Gotham City into a vampire stronghold ruled by the penguin. However, who will rule as his Queen?

Batman is not sure what is going on, but he knows something is awry based on what he has witnessed. Bruce runs into “Dr. Alucard,” the masked vampire, at the party. Dracula claims to be researching Batman and shows an interest in Vicky Vale. Dracula, to Vicky’s chagrin, eats a beef steak tartare that he has been marveling over from the waiter’s tray. The Count is visibly perturbed when the waitress approaches with a plate of garlic shrimp.

Bruce observes this and offers some, raving about how good it tastes and how it “truly packs a punch,” but Dracula hypnotizes him and flees. The mesmerized Bruce walks away from Vicky and heads out to the balcony, where Dracula is waiting to bite him. When Bruce’s guardian angel, Alfred, shows up just as Dracula is about to bite his victim, the vampire vanishes and Bruce comes to. Meanwhile, Dracula is busy devouring one of the waiters. When Alfred learns the waiter is a vampire, he barely escapes an assault. Meanwhile, Bruce figures out that “Alucard” is really Dracula.

Together with Alfred in the Batcave, Batman discovers the truth behind many of Dracula’s legends. Both Bruce and Alfred have concluded that Dracula is responsible for the disappearances of inhabitants of Gotham and that the vampire population is growing quickly and will soon amount to an army.

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Since vampirism appears to be spread as a sickness despite its supernatural beginnings and generally there is a possibility to treat it, Bruce resolves to find a way to return Dracula’s victims back to normal rather than murder them.\

batman vs dracula

Bruce and Alfred make their way to the mansion’s library to peruse Dr. Thomas Wayne’s personal collection of medical texts and studies. Dracula, meanwhile, is viewing a freeze frame of Vicky in his cave beneath the graveyard and thinking to himself, “Her name, itself, is intriguing because of its mystery. Vale… We should probably go find my bride now “.

Batman is wrongly accused of disappearing individuals and being attacked while on patrol the night before. Bats investigates the city’s string of disappearances and learns that the first attack happened in Gotham Cemetery when a watchman vanished. When Alfred learns that vampires are terrorizing Gotham City, he does more than just stock the Batcave with anti-vampire plants and artifacts.

Members of the Gotham P.D. SWAT team are present throughout the nighttime investigation at the cemetery. Dracula kidnaps the police officers as he flees, turning them into vampires. On a rooftop, Batman meets Dracula. Dracula admires the Dark Knight and says his legend has had an impact, so he gives Batman a chance to gain superhuman senses, speed, strength, and immortality. Batman realizes what accepting this offer would mean and rejects it; he then attempts to fight but is gravely damaged in the process.

Thankfully, the morning rises and Dracula disappears, but not before threatening the Dark Knight with the ominous line “maggots shall feed upon his skin” if he is rejected. Shortly after watching The Cloaked Rider with his parents, Bruce has a nightmare in which he witnesses their murder and believes that Batman is a vampire. The young billionaire awakens, terrified by his own image as Batman and Dracula’s malice.

Joker arrives at the cemetery after being taken to sea by a fisherman and confronts Penguin about his fair share. In the crypt, he follows Penguin into a trap as the latter open Dracula’s coffin. Later, in a blood bank, after a nurse has been attacked, Batman discovers Joker feeding on the blood from the several vials lining the shelves. Joker quips that the blood has a “bold finish of wild cherry with a dash of wood,” and that he is enjoying every bite. They’ve managed to knock over a whole set of shelves with their fighting. Batman drops garlic bombs on Joker while he’s distracted by the blood dripping from the shelves.

Batman invites the Clown Prince of Crime into the Batcave, where he immediately sets to work healing vampirism (which the computer has identified as a virus invading a host’s biological structure) and discovering the whereabouts of the Prince of Darkness. In spite of his animosity toward the vampire king, The Joker is powerless to expose his whereabouts; after what transpired in Gotham Cemetery, the Joker has become the vampire’s vessel, and as such, The Joker must return to Arkham Asylum.

batman vs dracula

Even though the Dark Knight is busy tracking down Dracula and his victims in search of a cure, he ends up standing Vicky up at the railway station, where she eventually meets the vampire. When Bruce calls her, he gets no response. The vaccination he developed to treat the disease is complete, and he administers it to Joker. He can no longer recall what transpired in the tomb. But Batman is able to figure out where Dracula is hiding by asking the Joker about his memories before he was bitten. Batman then organizes the bulk production of the vaccine and launches his assault.

Dracula deposits Carmilla’s ashes on a slab above Vicky’s coffin while she sleeps in the crypt. Carmilla was his first wife and a vampire; she was killed by the sun. He then apparently starts feeding her soul to his vampires in an effort to resurrect her, suggesting that she is unique among vampires in that she consumes souls in addition to blood.

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Batman investigates a crypt at Gotham Cemetery and finds a catacomb beneath it, which explains how Dracula was able to get past the Christian artefacts placed on top of the crypt. Batman uses the vaccination to stop the Dark Knight’s attack on the vampires. Just as Batman is about to destroy Dracula with a projectile containing the last vial of the vaccine, the Vampire Lord hypnotizes the Dark Knight.

When Batman overhears Dracula laughing at him and recalls the tragedy that drove him to become Batman, he makes the decision to break free of the vampire lord’s grip. He then launches an assault on Carmilla, brings back Vicky’s soul, saves Vicky, and engages in battle with Dracula.

After determining that the caves are the entrance to the Batcave, Batman uses explosives to buy time and gain entry. However, Dracula has him cornered and has no intention of turning him into a vampire; instead, he means to kill him and declares of the Batcave, “Impressive domicile… It shall be your tomb!”

Dracula is the original, “evil incarnate,” therefore when Alfred stabs him with the vaccine vial, it doesn’t work. Then Batman turns on a device made by Wayne Industries that can absorb, redirect, and convert solar energy. Dracula finds out too late that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Using a grappling hook, Batman flies above the sun’s rays, which ignite Dracula; Batman then punches Dracula to death, leaving behind only his fanged head. As he lies, Alfred sweeps his body into the trash can.

Meanwhile, Penguin tracks down Vicky and pursues her throughout the graveyard. Just as he was about to capture her after locating her in a crypt, he was released from his hypnosis and came across the treasure that had started the whole ordeal. He is ecstatic, but the law eventually catches up with him. Reporters say the victims were under Penguin’s influence, and the villain insists they were vampires right up until he’s arrested. When Vicky sees Batman checking on the injured, she beams with gratitude because she knows he rescued Gotham City.

Now that he has vanquished the ultimate evil, Batman may proudly swing around the city, ready to defend Gotham from any new threats that may arise.

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batman vs dracula
  • Rino Romano as Bruce Wayne/The Batman
  • Peter Stormare as Count Dracula
  • Tara Strong as Vicky Vale
  • Tom Kenny as Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as The Joker
  • Alastair Duncan as Alfred Pennyworth

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