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Scream 6: Jenna Ortega claims that viewers won’t even miss Neve Campbell!

When Scream 6 was released, franchise star and legend Neve Campbell won t be around due to contract negotiations that ended in the star leaving the film. Jenna Ortega, who is set to star in the sixth film once again, thinks that despite Campbell not being in the film, audiences will be too distracted to notice.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Ortega was questioned about Campbell’s absence from Scream 6. While Ortega was constrained in what she could say, she did observe that there is so much going on in the movie that viewers could be too preoccupied to pay attention.

Because that doesn’t necessarily fit with my character, I don’t feel like I can say too much about that, Ortega said. But I will admit that this next one has so much going on and is so action- and gore-packed that I almost think you’ll become sidetracked.

Although Campbell may not be in the movie, Ortega did point out that there are still references to her character and protectiveness in the script because of how well-liked and respected she is by the actors and audience.

Scream 6

However, Ortega insisted, “It’s pretty obvious, like, there are references to Sidney, of course. It’s wonderful that there is still a protectiveness in the screenplay; the actors automatically had that attitude toward her since it goes without saying that we respect her and want the best for her. She is missed and remembered.

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Campbell’s exit from the series is startling because she was a dependable part of every Scream movie. Campbell admitted that she was obliged to decline the chance to return since the compensation offered to her didn’t seem to match the value she felt she had contributed to the company.

After directing Scream in 2022, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett are back to helm Scream 6. The sixth installment plot is currently being kept a secret, and a potential release date has been scheduled for March 31, 2023.

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