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Rooster-Fighter Sh Sakuratani: How I Wrote a Scene With a Chicken in Mind?

ComingSoon Spencer Legacy had the opportunity to speak with manga artist Sh Sakuratani about his unique work and how he managed to make action scenes starring a chicken work. Now accessible is the first volume of “Rooster Fighter.”

The series’ summary states that “a lone rooster named Keiji goes throughout several towns of Japan while killing mutant creatures he finds.” His ultimate objective is to track down and kill the mutant known as “The White Demon” who murdered his sister in order to exact revenge.

Spencer Legacy: Why Did You Decide to Make the Main Character of Your War Manga a Rooster?

Sh Sakuratani: To be really honest, I was having trouble coming up with ideas until I thought of a rooster. I had considered several other species of living things, but a rooster seemed to fit the bill the best. It’s possible that having a pet rooster as a child had an impact on me. Everything came together easily after I decided on a rooster as my protagonist.

At First, Did You Consider Utilizing Another Animal as The Main Character?

This is related to my earlier response, but I considered a lot of possibilities still! Even though I didn’t limit myself to just animals, thinking about fish, insects, and reptiles may have had an impact on the kaiju’s looks. *laughs*

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Posing an Action Scene with A Non-Human Character—is that Challenging?

Finding strategies to make a small rooster’s attacks appear strong and spectacular is never easy. They can only move to a certain extent because they only have two legs. I thought about methods to make up for it day and night.

What Kind of Media Influenced Keiji’s Stern and Lightheartedly Sombre Persona?

I always schedule a time to see movies since I enjoy them. I believe that the commanding yet reserved presence of the late, great actor Ken Takakura may have had an impact on me. Gran Torino, which I also adore, may have had an impact on this series.

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Whom Would You Like to See Keiji Fight if He Could Go up Against Any Character?

I’d love to see Keiji engage in a fierce aerial duel with Spider-Man, who is one of my all-time favorite characters, but I can’t say with certainty that Keiji would win! *laughs*

What Would You Like to Say to Rooster Fighter’s Foreign Fans?

I’m incredibly appreciative of the help I get from all over the world. I read each Twitter message that I get. I didn’t realize how popular this series would become. There is no greater thrill for a manga artist than that. I greatly appreciate it.

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