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Review of Amsterdam: Drab Disappointment

Director John William Ross, lead actress Sara Wolfkind, and main actor Usman Ally discussed the horror movie Grimcutty on Hulu and its approach to memetic horror with ComingSoon Senior Editor Spencer Legacy. Hulu now offers Grimcutty for streaming.

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Review of Amsterdam
Review of Amsterdam

The movie’s synopsis states, “In this contemporary creature feature, a terrifying internet trend named ‘Grimcutty’ causes terror among all the parents in town, convinced it is making their children damage themselves and others.”

Asha Chaudry’s parents think that she is self-harming as part of a challenge until a real-life Grimcutty begins attacking the adolescent. Asha has to figure out how to reach her parents and end the Grimcutty once and for all because her phone has been taken away and no one believes her.

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Legacy of Spencer:

Review of Amsterdam
Review of Amsterdam

The Momo and Slenderman internet phenomena served as inspiration for this film. What about this memetic horror did you find appealing?

John William Ross: The generational gap between what parents and children thought it was caught my attention. It highlighted the generational split and the differences in how children and parents interact with technology. Parents were somewhat alarmed by the Momo Challenge, while children just asked, “Huh, what is it?” There were just so many opportunities for commentary in there, and it was just begging for comedy, so I dived right in.

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SCORE: 4/10

What intrigued you about Grimcutty when you first learned about it, Sara?

Sara Wolfkind: I believe the name was the initial problem. Like any other audition, I just went in for it, but when I saw the name, I was like, “Huh, okay.” I read the sides, but I wasn’t yet familiar with the entire screenplay, and I found Asha to be a really compelling character. I enjoy running away from monsters and experiencing fear. Wow, this is pretty interesting, I thought after learning more about what was going on. the bond between the parents and the teenagers. As a result, when everything came together, I was merely drawn in.

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