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Return to Silent Hill: Movie Announced Alongside Director and Cast!

Konami revealed that a new movie, Return to Silent Hill, was in development during today’s Silent Hill transmission.

Silent Hill 2 Remake From Bloober Team Officially Announced

Christophe Gans, who also helmed the Silent Hill movie in 2006, will be in charge of directing the picture. The video gave viewers a small preview of the type of movie they might anticipate by displaying a variety of storyboards and works of concept art. It is implied that the movie will strongly reference the video game Silent Hill 2 when Gans claims they are “going back to the best of these stories.”

Return to Silent Hill

Gans is joined by producer Victor Hadida to talk about the partnership between Konami and the filmmakers. The two then examine what makes Silent Hill so compelling and enduring.

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See the announcement for Return to Silent Hill in the video below:

The plot summary for Gans’ original 2006 Silent Hill movie states, “Unable to accept that her daughter is dying, Rose decides to take the girl to a faith healer.” The two travel via a real-world portal that leads to the ominous town of Silent Hill while traveling. The human survivors struggle vainly to dislodge the powerful darkness that surrounds the town.

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