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Premiere Trailer for David Arquette’s Upcoming Drama “On Sacred Ground”

ComingSoon is excited to debut an exclusive trailer for On Sacred Ground, the David Arquette-led environmental drama film from directors Rebecca and Josh Tickell. The film is set to premiere in select theaters and through video-on-demand on January 13, 2023, following its world premiere at Red Nation International Film Festival on November 12. The drama tackles the real-life Dakota Access Pipeline protests.

Working on this project taught me an important lesson about standing up for what you believe in. Arquette discussed the part with ComingSoon on Sacred Ground. My understanding of Standing Rock, the Dakota Access Pipeline, and broken treaties was greatly aided by the video, which also made me realize how important it is to defend these issues.

The exclusive On Sacred Ground trailer is embedded below.

According to the movie’s summary, the story follows PTSD-affected combat veteran journalist Dan (Mapother) as he experiences the spiritual transformation of a lifetime. Dan is hired to travel to North Dakota and report on a standoff around the construction of an oil pipeline at the Standing Rock Native American Reservation. In little time at all, Dan is caught between two worlds: that of the pipeline business and that of the native people whose territory the pipeline crosses.

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Dan is forced to make a series of hard decisions that will change his life and the course of America itself as the conflict intensifies and battle lines are formed. The Tickell brothers are the directors of On Sacred Ground. Frances Fisher, David Arquette, Amy Smart, Mariel Hemingway, William  Mapother, and Arquette all appear in it.

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