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Part 3 of The 10th Season Reunion of “Vanderpump Rules”: Raquel Leviss Drops a Bombshell About Her Affair with Tom Sandoval!

Raquel Leviss finally appeared on the Season 10 Reunion Part 3 of Vanderpump Rules. Bravo had been building up the last few minutes of the show because Leviss was supposed to drop a bombshell that could affect whether or not the group wanted to return for Season 11.

“I think it’s important for me to tell the truth,” Leviss said in an interview shot after the reunion. “I think I’ve been lying and being so dishonest this whole time that I don’t want to lie anymore, and it’s all out there anyway.” Leviss said the worst part was already out there, but she still had to “lie about specific timeline things.”

Tom Sandoval said that he and Leviss only hooked up once after Scandoval came out, but it turns out that they did it many more times, including on the trip to Mexico where Scheana Shay got married.

Leviss said that their affair continued while the show was still being filmed and that their meetings “picked up speed” after the shooting.

The woman who used to compete in beauty pageants said she even mentioned making a group, but Sandoval told her that Ariana Madix would not be interested.

Leviss told a big secret about the affair, even though she said she didn’t want to betray Sandoval because he was the only one on her side. Leviss admitted that he had slept with Sandoval in the house he shares with Madix, even though he said nothing had ever happened there.

During the meeting, Leviss took responsibility for her affair with Tom Sandoval with Ariana Madix’s back turned.

“I’m so embarrassed and ashamed that I could keep this secret from someone on my side from the start,” Leviss said. “Ariana, I’m so sorry for betraying you. I have no idea how much pain I’ve caused you.”

She went on, “I’ve been self-centered, and you’re right, “selfish” isn’t the right word because it doesn’t even begin to describe how I’ve been feeling. It was a bad choice. The way it was dealt with was a big mistake. The way we lied to our closest friends hurt our friendships, and now I’m seeing all the effects of my actions that I didn’t even think about at the time because I was living in the moment.

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When host Andy Cohen asked her why she slept with her best friend’s partner, she said she fell in love with him. Cohen asked Sandoval if he was in love, and after thinking for a moment, Sandoval said he was.

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Madix spoke up and told Leviss, “So my dog just died, I cried in your f***ing arms, and you thought, ‘I should go f**k her boyfriend.'” You are f***ing worse than the worst of the worst. You are a crazy person. As a person, you scare me a lot. “I can’t believe you’re capable of doing this s**t.”

Madix told Leviss she would never talk to or see her again after the meeting.


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