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One Piece Film: Red Review: Highest Point of the Series!

The most recent movie based on the world’s best-selling manga universe is called One Piece: Red. I’ve been a fan of One Piece since they started publishing Shonen Jump in North America, so because of their continuing support, my hopes for Film: Red was extremely high. Even with that in mind, I was utterly satisfied with this newest Straw Hat adventure and completely awed by the film.

The Wano arc is the focus of this non-canon movie, which follows the Straw Hat crew as they go to the first live performance of Uta, a well-known singer who was Luffy’s childhood friend and Red-Haired Shanks’ daughter. While most of this review is spoiler-free, there is one spoiler for a portion of the story that hasn’t yet been animated in the film, which does reveal certain anime plot points (as of the writing of this review). However, even those who aren’t One Piece fans will like Film: Red because it’s a fantastic film that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Although there are several songs in the first half of the movie, it doesn’t feel overbearing. Ado, the Japanese idol singer who sings as Uta in One Piece Film: Red, has remarkable vocal abilities, which greatly contribute to the film’s incredible music. The songs she sings throughout the movie are amazing and frequently moving, wonderfully setting a range of moods as the story develops. They also beautifully illustrate Uta’s own development, highlighting the emotional character arc of this young woman.

Redexcels in the film’s character interactions, offering wonderful exchanges between the main cast and the returning characters. I was taken aback by how strange some of the character decisions were, with minor players like Blueno and Bartolomeo playing crucial roles in the story. This is comparable to how the last movie, Stampede, included characters and character pairings that the main series couldn’t, and just like in that instance, it ends up being one of the film’s high points.

One Piece Film: Red

Given how crucial Shanks is to the movie’s main plot, I do wish a little more attention had been paid to him. The fabled pirate is a little slow to arrive, but when he does, Shanks leaves a lasting impact befitting his enormous reputation. Considering how infrequently we get to see Shanks and his team, I can’t help but wish we spent a little more time with them here, but given how amazing and thrilling what we do get is, I can’t really gripe too much.

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Obviously, Red’s action is exciting and explosive. This is especially evident near the film’s conclusion when two teams are battling the main antagonist at the same time. There are many scenes where various characters demonstrate how they can use their special skills, from Law’s iconic Room talent to Shanks’ absurd Conqueror’s Haki. There’s also a sneak preview of an early animation power that hasn’t been seen in the anime yet, which caused a lot of anticipation in the setting where it was utilized.

I also liked how much One Piece humor there is. Because of how sincere and adorable Luffy is, it’s possible that this series is able to discover unending humor in his straightforward thinking and mind. The tone of the movie is balanced by the abundance of comedic scenes, despite the fact that Luffy has many serious moments. It doesn’t lessen the impact of the darker scenes, which still hit hard, but they maintain the lovely One Piecetone. One Piecefocuses on having fun and experiencing adventure even in the direst situations, which the film: Red seems to clearly grasp.

A great distillation of everything that makes One Piece so adored is found in One Piece Film: Red. Action, humor, and heart are all present in abundance and are distributed equally. Whether you’re a rabid One Piece fan or not, Film: Redwall keeps you entertained for the duration of its running period and reaffirms the reasons you began watching the series in the first place.

SCORE: 9.5/10

Disclosure: The critic was provided with a link to the upcoming One Piece film: Redreview.

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