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Nope Interview: Brandon Perea Talks About His Time Spent with Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer!

 Tyler Treese talked with Nopestar Brandon Perea about his breakthrough performance in director Jordan Peele’s most recent thriller. Nope is currently accessible digitally and on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K Ultra HD.

Jordan is a genius, says Brandon Perea. It’s strange to meet a genius in person, and I believe this is the first time I’ve actually gotten to see one up close. However, it was fascinating to watch how his mind functioned under absurd conditions and how quickly he thought.

He can do this for two years because of his excellent pace. As we talk, he is still working on this movie, which has been a part of his life for two and a half years. Therefore, that was a significant lesson for me to learn.

He just has a lot of freedom as a visionary. Since his films are so comprehensive, I would never really assume that he is very receptive to different viewpoints and ideas. He isn’t as rigid as, “I need this and that. This is relevant. It was interesting to witness his openness.

Additionally, he is continuously coming up with fresh ideas. Having interactions with the guy is bizarre. Then you learn that our director, who is as hilarious as beep, is also one of the funniest people living right now, and you’re just like, “Oh, no wonder.” I don’t know if I can swear [laughs] but he’s fantastic.

Jordan, as you noted, has a strong background in comedy, and you offer a lot of humor in the movie, softening the tone in between some quite emotional passages. How was it working with Jordan on the humorous scenes?

It’s strange, I know because I don’t believe I’m all that hilarious in person. Consequently, to receive the kind of grace from him that was like, “Oh man, you’re making me laugh, that’s why you got the job,” “Really?” I exclaim. You’re one of the funniest guys ever, I’m like.

I’ll give myself a pat on the back for that. What neat stuff! However, working with him was fun since we tried something new with each take. “Yo, you offer me alternatives,” was one of his catchphrases. In the editing room, I’m going to rip it to shreds. Editor Nicholas Monsour said, “We’re just going to work together and make it insane,” to quote him.

So the message is, “Be free, and always try something new.” Give him more choices, and they’ll lose interest. He’s one of the best impressionists alive, so he’d have some fantastic ideas as well. Therefore, he would sometimes act like Angel Torres and mimic his various mannerisms for me.

Then I was able to say, “Oh, yeah, I get what you’re saying,” which was also helpful. I am able to provide that. So, yeah, it was extremely collaborative, and he’s constantly curious about what others think. That is not to say that it is a dictator. It’s great to see that cooperation.

People adore this character; it was your big break. You collaborated closely with Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya, who are both quite talented and seasoned in their own right. What specifically were you able to pick up from them through working with them so closely as scene partners that you’ll use moving forward?

So much, man. It’s difficult to even describe. Keke performs the greatest caliber of improv, which is incredible and contributes something unique to every take. Additionally, Keke is consistently amusing. In addition, Keke moves at a rapid pace and is consistently cheerful, appreciative, and humorous. How do you have that much energy in your life? It’s just odd. You have so much energy and are one of the busiest people ever. I learned a lot from that.

Daniel’s eyes, dude, his eyes always tell a fantastic narrative without him having to say a word. So just seeing that internal activity and observing how he ensures that he receives what he requires in the sense of a performance would be enough. In order for him to perform, he also ensures his comfort. That also gave me a lot of advice: purchase everything you need because a movie lasts forever.

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Just watching him work was fascinating. Working with the greatest of the best makes my job easier, I also learned from this experience. They were simply firing at the highest level, making this the easiest task I’ve ever performed.

Since Daniel is currently my favorite actor, it was cool to sit across from him in scenes and it didn’t give me any anxiety; in fact, it took all of my anxiety away. Then Keke, who I had grown up watching as a child, was cool to meet in person and see what wonderful people they are as well. Although I’ve always loved them as artists, to respect them as people for their hearts is on another level.

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