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Magneto vs Iron Man: Which Marvel Metal Master Is Stronger?

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There are some characters that, at first glance, appear to be the ideal opposites of one another, but as you go more into the story, you realize that their dynamics are actually rather intricate and interesting. Characters possessing metal-based talents, including Wolverine and Colossus, find themselves pitted against Magneto, the “Master of Magnet,” rather frequently. This is due to Magneto’s peculiar connection to heroes who possess these skills.

However, it seems that Magneto and Iron Man don’t run into each other very often. It’s not to say that he’s never done it, but it’s a match-up that happens very infrequently, which is ironic given that their names bind them together in the first place. Since there isn’t much information to go on in the source material, let’s have a look at how these two might fare in a fight nevertheless. Would Magneto be able to knock Iron Man out for the count, or would Tony Stark decide to get rid of Magneto?

Magneto’s Powers Aren’t a Huge Factor

It’s possible that, out of every Marvel character, Iron Man would be the worst possible opponent for Magneto to team up with. At the very least, that is how it seems when taken at face value. Because of his mutant abilities, Magneto is able to exert complete control over whatever metal he touches. He is the undisputed ruler of magnetism.

Iron Man is a character that is totally reliant on his machinery, which is manufactured from his metal-based technologies. It is possible that Magneto could just clench his fist and cause the suit to implode through Tony’s ribcage. He has the ability to detonate the Arc Reactor in his chest, which will cause a hole to be burned through him. Or, at the very least, just turn off the armor’s power source.

However, when these two teams competed against each other in Avengers vs. X-Men, Iron Man came up with a solution to this key obstacle. He designed a costume that was made of carbon nanotubes. Iron Man has constructed a variety of suits that are well suited for specific circumstances.

These include the Hulkbuster suit, which is intended to combat the power of the Hulk, and the Thorbuster armor, which is able to defeat Asgardian warriors. Tony Stark has prepared for battle by considering all of the great powers that will be arrayed against him. To put this into perspective, getting ready for a confrontation with an Earth-bound mutant isn’t quite as difficult as it sounds. His anti-Magneto outfit is built to thwart Magneto’s abilities in order to prevent the villain from putting an end to the conflict in a matter of moments.

When trying to determine who will come out on top, it is essential to keep in mind that Magneto is one of the most powerful mutants in the area, but Iron Man prepares thoroughly for every significant confrontation. He may be conceited, but he’s not an idiot.

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What Are Iron Man and Magneto’s Power Sets?

Now that Magneto does not have a clear advantage, we may go to the following phase, which consists of the two of them dealing damage to one another. Magneto has the ability to toss anything that contains metal at Iron Man, including entire buildings and satellites. In addition to this, Magneto’s magnetic shields have the ability to deflect the majority of the significant weapons that Stark is carrying. Repulsor beams would not be effective against Magneto’s defenses, just like optic beams would not be effective against Cyclops’s shields.

On the other hand, Tony Stark possesses an impressive amount of power. As a result of the riches at his disposal, he has access to high-level weapons located all around the solar system. He is a hero who defends the universe from dangers such as Thanos by employing whatever technology he can cobble together. However, since that Magneto’s whole arsenal is electrically powered, all it would take for him to disable Tony’s armor is a single EMP that was precisely directed at it.

But none of this takes into account one essential fact: Magneto’s power derives almost entirely from his mutant talents. Magneto is a physically fit individual who would do well in an actual fistfight against another person. He cannot exchange blows with Iron Man in the same manner. The only way to deal with Magneto is from a safe distance, even if that means moving to the opposite side of the world.

Did Iron Man and X-Men Fight in Avengers vs. X-Men?

magneto vs iron man

During the battle between the Avengers and the X-Men, Magneto and Iron Man squared up against one another. More specifically, the fight between the two took place in AvX: Vs. #1. After Magneto sees that he cannot simply compress Tony’s suit, the villain opens the fight by slamming a building down on him in an attempt to take him out. During the early stages of the fight, Magneto notably makes the mistake of underestimating Stark and attempting to terminate the fight quickly, but Tony keeps getting up.

Tony, therefore, sends out a group of probes that neutralize Magneto’s magnetic talents, thereby limiting his strength while simultaneously assaulting him with repulsor blasts. Because of this, Magneto is immediately forced to defend himself, and he is devoting all of his attention to putting up shields. Throughout this entire process, Stark is accessing his network of satellites in order to overwhelm Magneto with electrical energy.

Magneto retaliates by destroying a variety of satellites, so preventing Stark from accessing his further weaponry and effectively overcoming the magnetic nullifying technology. However, Magneto makes a significant error at this point when he allows Stark to reach within striking distance of him. Magneto gets knocked out after a page and a half of intense hand-to-hand combat. Even though Magneto had constructed armor for himself out of Stark’s numerous satellites, he was still defeated by a few well-placed blows. Magneto, on the other hand, was at a disadvantage because each punch from Iron Man held the focused force of Stark’s whole weapon system. These are the blows that had the potential to bring Thanos down.

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Did Tony Stark and Magento Fight in Iron Man: Armored Adventures?

In the animated series Iron Man: Armored Adventures, the two also faced off against one another. Magneto uses the full extent of his magnetic force to exert pressure on Iron Man, making this combat a lot less complicated than AvX, which consisted of Magneto pressing down on Iron Man. Stark, though, comes up with a relatively straightforward answer to this problem: he creates weaves that are resistant to Magneto’s magnetic talents.

Because of this, Magneto is unable to treat Iron Man like a rag doll and throw him around. However, despite Magneto’s efforts, Tony is still defeated by him twice throughout the episode. In order to defeat Magneto, Tony will need the assistance of War Machine and Jean Grey, posing as Annie Claremont. Magneto ultimately prevailed over Stark in each of their battles by simply hurling objects at him or locating ways to disrupt the operation of his armor using his magnetic powers. This allowed him to do so extremely swiftly and easily.

Both Iron Man and Captain America appear in Iron Man: Armored Adventures in a simplified form. On the other hand, the AvX versions showcase both characters at the height of their abilities; nonetheless, despite this, every strike that Tony sends Magneto still ends up being disassembled and destroyed. Iron Man was only able to prevail because of Stark’s ability to narrow the distance between them and concentrate all of his might into a series of powerful blows. If Stark isn’t completely ready to take down Magneto, then the villain will prevail with ease.

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