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List of Ben Barnes Girlfriend: Everything You Need to Know About His Relationships!

An English actor and singer, Ben Barnes. The roles he played in “The Punisher” (2008) and “Shadow and Bone” (2009) earned him various accolades, including Teen Choice Awards in 2008 and MTV Movie Awards in 2009.

Ben was not only professionally successful but also physically attractive. He has been nominated twice by Glamour as “The Hottest Actor Alive,” once in 2020 and again in June 2021. That’s enough to pique the interest of many leading ladies in Hollywood. We are interested in Ben Barnes’ entire romantic history, from his exes to his current relationship.

Who Are the Women in Ben Barnes’ Life?

Although Ben Barnes was notoriously private about his love life, he was linked to a number of stunning ladies. Actresses including Amanda Seyfried, Felicity Jones, Meganne Young, Tamsin Egerton, and most recently, Julianne Hough, have taken up the trend.

Nearly all of them also work as actresses. Ben Barnes is extremely secretive and also has lofty professional goals. That’s why it’s not surprising that he had so many encounters with attractive female coworkers on the set. However, even the most reclusive individuals exude an undeniable allure and charisma. Are you intrigued by Ben’s love life? Okay, but who doesn’t?

Ben Barnes and Julianne Hough Have Been “friends” for Eight Years

Recent speculation has him in a relationship with American dancer, actor, singer, and songwriter Julianne Hough. In January of 2021, she and Ben Barnes made headlines as they were seen enjoying an ice cream date in Los Angeles.

In spite of this, Julianne and Ben have both come out and said they are just “friends” and have been in this stage since 2012.

The fact that the story began spreading shortly after Julianne filed for divorce from Brooks Laich has piqued the interest of several media outlets. Yet, there is no reliable data on the subject.

Ben Barnes Dating

Something definitely seems to be going on between them, as a source from E! News claimed that they both seemed “extremely flirtatious” towards each other.

Ben has also shared a photo from his 2017 hangout with Julianne, her brother Derek Hough, and fellow actor Chiké Okonknwo on Instagram. The closeness revealed here predates any dating rumours. For the past eight years, these two have shared a special bond.

Barnes, Ben, and Young, Megan. That Went Beyond Simply “Friends”
Meganne Young, a Filipina-American actress, model, and TV host, won the title of Miss World Philippines in 2013 and went on to become Miss World. She’s more than just a gorgeous face; she’s got skills and she’s willing to put in the effort.

From 2017 till 2018, she was also said to be Ben Barnes’ alleged girlfriend. A Miss World titleholder and Ben Barnes? Seems like a nice pairing to me. Those who adore Ben were overjoyed to learn this. Images of them cuddling were widely circulated on social media sites like Twitter and Tumblr.

It all started with an Instagram photo that Meganne posted of herself and Ben in a very couple-like stance, which prompted the rumour. They both flashed bright smiles for the camera, with Megan supporting Ben’s weight with her arm.

She posted a caption, “The Truth of the matter is: this boy is all kinds of inspiring. Blessed to count him as a friend,” with a heart emoji appended. The media, however, did not view them as mere “friends.”

Meganne posted numerous Instagram messages about how much she loved Ben. She went on to say that Ben is “one of the sweetest, kindest, gentlest individuals I have ever been lucky enough to meet paths with.” To that, she added, “May the coming year bring you many smiles, many chuckles, and an abundance of hugs.” From what she’s written, I think we can all agree that Ben is a genuinely nice guy.

Ben and Meganne were asked by the media if they were dating, but they remained silent. Nevertheless, as of late 2018, they were no longer seen together in social media posts. In spite of widespread speculation, no reliable sources have confirmed or disclosed any of that.

After four years of being single, he was spotted with Felicity Jones.
Four years after the rumours about Ben Barnes and Tamsin Egerton began, the news of Barnes’ girlfriend emerged. Another English actress, Felicity Jones, was spotted with him.

Their photo together at October’s Britannia Awards set off the rumour mill. Afterwards, in the month of November, the pair were spotted at LAX.

It’s unfortunate that there are no further accounts of a romantic relationship between Ben and Felicity beyond the ones in the rumours. We are not shocked that none of them has commented on the rumour. The only reason we know they’re no longer together is because Felicity began dating and eventually married Charles Guard in 2015.

Amanda Seyfried, according to rumours, may only stay for a short period of time (less than a month).
Amanda Seyfried was the subject of another relationship rumour about Ben. There’s little doubt in our minds that he didn’t address the rumour directly. In 2013, on the show “The Big Wedding,” Ben and Amanda had their first meeting.

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Ben Barnes Never Talks About His Love Life

Ben Barnes does not talk about his personal life, including his romantic relationships, with anyone. He is not shy about sharing details about his background, upbringing, or other private matters. It’s possible that those who are curious about his romantic life will be let down.

He did not confirm or deny reports of his continued connection, thus speculations regarding their status will eventually die down. There is a reason why Ben is so secretive.

In an interview with the Belfast Telegraph from 2015, Ben said that his mother had a significant impact on his perspective on love. His mother is a marriage and family therapist, and he credits her as his primary source of knowledge on the subject of love. Moreover, he said, “Love is something that comes out of a mutual trust with your spouse. Consensus on a common purpose, a laugh, and a jolt of electricity when your hands meet.

Ben Barnes Dating

A nice person who clearly values his relationship with his partner. Perhaps Ben is being discreet about his relationship status out of concern for his partner’s personal space and to keep the strength of their bond intact. Unless he expands on his silence, we will never know for sure.

His perspective on love also owes much to his father. Ben, in his role as a psychiatry professor, had benefited much from his mentor.

“My brother and I were constantly asked how we were feeling about whatever was going on in our lives,” he stated in a 2019 interview with Gio Journal.

The fact that he comes from a family that has always paid close attention to his feelings maybe explains why he is so guarded about sharing details about himself.

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So, Is Ben Barnes Dating Someone?

The status of Ben’s relationship with Julianne, if any, or whether he has moved on to another woman is unknown. Perhaps he is unattached and free, which is even better news. We have to wait for the media to make further assumptions. But, until that time, Ben Barnes is effectively single. There is no evidence of a spouse or significant other (but it is possible he has a secret girlfriend).

It’s hard to think that a person as good-looking, talented, and nice as Ben Barnes is currently available for a relationship. His charisma undoubtedly attracts numerous ladies, but his need for secrecy makes it difficult to verify any of his claims. Expecting the best is all we can do.

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