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Kumail Nanjiani Addresses Talk of “Eternals 2” and Expresses Interest in Teaming Up With Ms. Marvel!

Despite receiving mixed reviews from fans and critics, Marvel Studios Eternals still performed extremely well at the box office. While no information on a sequel has been made available, star Kumail Nanjiani said he s ready to return if asked.

After his co-star Patton Oswalt hinted that there might be an Eternals sequel, Nanjiani was questioned about it during a recent visit on the binge-worthy podcast. He said that he has no idea if or when one might happen but that he would love to return if it does.

Nanjiani argued that Patton wasn’t entirely correct. I believe that one of the websites that is a scam was one letter off from the actual one. They tweeted it, and it went viral, and I believe Patton saw that. Sincerely, I know nothing. Kingo should come back, please. I enjoy taking on that role.

Kumail Nanjiani

If you’re in a good mood, playing that one is a lot of fun. What’s not to adore about you when you do finger guns and look like a movie star? You’re simply happy the whole time. I would love to return since I spent five months filming that movie and I believe I never stopped grinning. I also really like what the MCU is doing right now. I recently watched Black Panther 2 and was absolutely taken away. I would so dearly love to return, but I honestly don’t know whether or when.

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Outside of the realm of the Eternals, Nanjiani did mention that he would want to collaborate with Ms. Marvel, played by Iman Vellani.

If I could team up with Ms. Marvel, I would! remarked Nanjiani. Iman [Vellani] is simply such a terrific performer and such a nice person that I think we’d be great on screen together. I just love that program and I thought she was so good. Iman and I just got to meet and hang out for the first time. Being coupled with Ms. Marvel would be ideal.

Chlo Zhao, an Oscar, and Golden Globe winner, directed the film Eternals (Nomadland). Matthew K. Firpo and Ryan Firpo collaborated on its writing, and Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige oversaw its production.

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