Ksi vs. Logan Paul

Ksi vs. Logan Paul: Who Won the Ksi vs Logan Paul Fights?

Jake Paul, who is at the vanguard of a boxing revolution, has been making headlines with his recent results in the ring. But his older brother Logan, who will fight Floyd Mayweather on June 6th, has been a part of boxing’s new age since the beginning.

Paul Still Searching for First Win:

Ksi vs. Logan Paul

His ring career hasn’t gotten off to the same strong start as his brother’s. After two career exhibitions, Logan will enter the ring at Hard Rock Stadium without a win.

Logan’s first bout took place in August of 2018 on a historic night. On the card, both brothers were pitted against other social media celebrities. Logan knuckled down against fellow influencer KSI, while Jake faced British YouTuber Deji Olatunji.

The bout was declared a majority draw after six rounds. Two judges scored a 57-57 tie, while the other voted 58-57 in favor of KSI.

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Staples Center Staged the Rematch:

A little more than a year later, Paul and KSI faced off again. Paul vs KSI II took place in front of 12,000 fans at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. In his second bout, the American came out on top, and many thought he was going to win until the fourth round. After using one hand to pull the Brit’s head into an uppercut that knocked down KSI, Paul has docked two points. Despite the two-point deduction, the judges were split in their decision to award the belt to the Brit.

KSI won the rematch in a split decision in front of 1.3 million Pay-Per-View viewers. Streams for Mayweather vs. Paul on June 6th are likely to far outweigh Logan’s first and second Pay-Per-View sales combined.

Mayweather vs. Paul June 6th

Will logan Paul be able to shock the world by winning his debut fight against one of the best boxers of all time? On Sunday, June 6th, we’ll find out.

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Logan Paul Is More Talented than Ksi:

ksi vs. logan paul

KSI may have earned his first white-collar job, but his shortcomings were obvious to all. He has a pawing jab, keeps his arms low (which means he won’t defend his own face), and doesn’t react well when he’s hit. Weller might have been able to knock KSI out if he had been bigger (like Logan Paul) or had greater power (like Logan Paul).

Simply put, KSI is incapable of self-defense. When the two faced off in the first round, Weller was able to tag KSI whenever he wanted. There were also times when Weller had KSI on the ropes and KSI couldn’t – or didn’t know how to – pull him off of him.

KSI has only fought in one white-collar fight and is still at the level he should be – a raw, unpolished boxing rookie. However, when compared to the short amount of sparring footage available for Logan Paul, Paul appears to be the superior of the two. Paul appears to have the ability to time his punches and land them with force.

Logan Paul was able to knock his sparring opponent down with a counter left hook in a TMZ Sports video released in June – something that requires a modicum of technique to carry off, something KSI clearly lacks.

In a face-to-face advertising video with KSI, Logan Paul remarked, “I grew up watching fights, and I know how fights operate.”

Paul is telling the truth, based on the evidence we’ve seen, and he has the potential to transform KSI into an internet meme for the ages.