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John Wick vs. James Bond: Who Would Win?

Both John Wick and James Bond include deadly assassins, but who would triumph in a death match?

John Wick and James Bond are the first names that come to mind when thinking of fictional international spies and assassins in film. One fights for the protection of civilians and the nation he loves; the other, for vengeance and the hope of finding some kind of stability in life. James Bond has spent his entire adult life preparing for his role as 007, and his track record of success speaks for itself. John Wick has spent his life trying to win back his independence, but if these two skilled warriors ever went toe-to-toe, who do you think would come out on top?

John Wick’s Strengths and Weaknesses

james bond vs john wick

The history of John Wick, whose birth name was Jordani Jovanovich, is still being researched. Wick became a hitman because he had to learn to protect himself and take care of business on his own. Because of how frequently death resulted from his presence, he became known as “Baba Yaga, The Boogeyman.” But his abilities are a result of nothing more than training and determination. When it comes to close-quarters combat, he is extremely well-versed and skilled in Judo, and he also shoots well at both tactical and high speeds. In John Wick: Chapter 3, “Parabellum,” he kills three men with knives, demonstrating his expertise in knife combat. However, while wearing a bulletproof suit, his greatest attribute is actually his capacity to withstand pain.

Wick has minimal flaws if any at all. Even so, the ones he does have came dangerously close to becoming fatal. First of all, he has a habit of giving in to his negative feelings, especially rage. His ability to concentrate on a task is both his strength and his weakness; in the first film, he was nearly killed when his wrath clouded his judgment and he failed to see an oncoming car in the last scene. His pacifism and his friendships often have tragic outcomes because of this. Some of his devoted allies have been eliminated, like Marcus, a brilliant sniper, and close friend.

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James Bond’s Strengths and Weaknesses

James Bond, like Wick, is a skilled assassin who has studied a wide variety of martial and tactical shooting techniques. Because of his position as a government agent, James Bond has been granted a “license to kill” and the code name “007,” which protects him from legal repercussions for his lethal actions. He has intelligence training, is an expert driver, and knows how to make use of the various technological tools provided to him by the Q branch. Bond’s unique qualities are his high pain threshold and his determination to finish any assignment, no matter the cost.

James, like John, has a soft spot for people and has a tendency to form strong attachments. When someone close to him dies, as Vesper Lynd did in Casino Royale, he becomes bitter and withdraws. He’s also not as proficient at killing when compared to Wick. As a result, he often finds himself unable to effectively eliminate multiple foes at once when he is forced into combat. Instead, he’s often forced to fight a single opponent over the course of several episodes, sometimes coming dangerously close to death.

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Winner: John Wick

james bond vs john wick

Both killers are experts in their fields, but John has the edge when it comes to speed and pain tolerance, making him the one most likely to eliminate Bond. James’ best chance would be if he could keep John at a distance and employ his gadgets properly. Wick, on the other hand, is a nightmare to deal with from a safe distance due to his excellent aim and gun skills.

As at close quarters, James’ stamina, while high, isn’t enough to contend with a man who has taken on three adversaries at once. John can take a beating and get right back up, even without his bulletproof gear. On the other hand, after a particularly lengthy battle, James has trouble recovering. Ultimately, the fight would be a struggle of attrition that would conclude with John prevailing, whether with a fist or a gunshot.

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