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James Cameron Discusses the Adaptation of the Avatar Script into a Graphic Novel!

Avatar: The Way of Water is set to release later this year, but the film was quite different from its original form. And according to James Cameron, this version didn t have what he wanted from an Avatar film.

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In an interview with Total Film, Cameron discussed the film’s development and clarified some of the discrepancies. But according to him, the idea didn’t follow the Avatar guidelines closely enough and didn’t relate to the dream world that the Avatar had previously explored.

James Cameron

Cameron remarked, “We were just playing around. A group of writers and I were collaborating. We had numerous suggestions. It never quite fit into the boxes we kept attempting to herd it into. So I decided to finish it and then check to see whether it was a movie at a particular point. I did. It was published, 130 pages I believe. Man, this is a terrific story, I thought. This is a very difficult read. However, it lacked one of those crucial aspects of sequels—namely, it didn’t delve far enough into the unexpected. In order to connect us to the dream world, which has a spiritual component that is difficult for us to fully express in words, it also didn’t play adequately by the Avatar rules. It checked all the other boxes, but not that one.

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Although that idea didn’t meet Cameron’s requirements, it will still be applied in another medium. On December 6, 2022, Dark Horse Comics will publish Avatar: The High Ground, a graphic novel based on this script. Between the first film and the upcoming The Way of Water, it will relate to the tale of the Na vi. The High Ground has a lot of amazing content, including zero-G fights and other things, in Cameron’s opinion.

We devised a technique to reorganize the components that we had to divide across the first two sequels, and we relaunched it in a completely different way, claimed Cameron. He continues, “There are some fantastic things in it.” I mean, the Na vi are engaged in zero-G bow-and-arrow combat. I’m there, after all! I’d like to watch that movie. But the overarching narrative and thematic objectives I had in mind weren’t sufficiently met. As a result, we are creating a Dark Horse graphic novel. You’ll be able to witness the conflict that occurred between movies one and two.

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