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Hulk vs Abomination: Who Would Win?

The other is fake and just as hazardous as the original. They are, respectively, one of Marvel’s mightiest heroes and one of his most infamous foes. Our first is the Hulk, Marvel’s Green Goliath; the second is Abomination, a terrible villain who aspired to be Hulk but became something much worse. In this post, we’ll examine the similarities and differences between these two personalities and decide once and for all which one is superior. Enjoy!

Abomination is one of the Hulk’s most formidable foes, having defeated him even while the Hulk was relatively composed. But as the Hulk’s strength increases, Abomination’s does not, which is why the Hulk usually comes out on top in their fights and why we know the Hulk is the superior of the two.

In order to make our comparison easier to follow, I’ll break it down into three parts. First, we’ll provide a synopsis of the two protagonists, and then we’ll contrast their abilities, especially those associated with their characteristic weapons. At long last, we provide you a comprehensive breakdown of the two protagonists to help you choose a side should you ever find yourself in a fight between them.

Abomination and His Powers

To his enemies, Emil Blonsky is known as the Abomination in the pages of Marvel Comics. The fictional figure, conceived by Stan Lee and illustrated by Gil Kane, made his debut in Tales to Astonish #90 in April 1967. He is one of the heroes of Hulk’s regular foes.

hulk vs abomination

In the middle of the Cold War, a communist spy named Emil Blonsky takes control of Doctor Bruce Banner’s gamma-ray machine and uses it to blast himself with an even more powerful dose of rays than the one that created the Hulk. After that, he becomes a monstrously powerful being that somehow manages to keep his mind intact while in this shape (unlike the Hulk).

Later, Blonsky realizes that he can never escape this shape. After that, he had repeated encounters with the Hulk. Blonsky becomes fascinated with Banner after being abandoned by his wife Nadia and decides to poison Bruce Banner’s wife Betty by transfusing her with his blood. He hopes this would lead Banner to believe that he is the source of radiation. Eventually, Banner learns of Blonsky’s evil plot, and in their ensuing struggle, Banner, as the Hulk, prevails.

When his opponent finally decides to spare him, Blonsky comes to terms with the fact that he is the one responsible for all of his tragedies. Later, after a few months, General Ross manipulates the Hulk into assaulting the Abomination. He is nearly killed, captured, and tortured with a film of his family life before he turned into a monster, which he is forced to watch over and over again.

A hidden group with an agenda to eliminate the Hulk frees him, and he tries again, but this time he is unsuccessful. As a result, he has a showdown with the X-Men and Miss Hulk after learning that the Hulk has been banished to the planet Sakaar. The body of Abomination is discovered in Russia shortly after the “World War Hulk” story arc, shot full of holes by adamantium bullets; he was likely killed by the “Red Hulk” (the Red Hulk).

Blonsky was then working as a campus security guard. An unidentified group obtains Bruce Banner’s biological material after he has been fatally damaged, and uses it to bring back the Abomination, who now serves as their servant and is able to track down the Hulk “free of a thought or conscience.”

Hulk and His Powers

A superhero known simply as “The Hulk,” he has appeared in stories by Marvel Comics. Hulk is the alter ego of physicist Bruce Banner, who is a typical human, without any superhuman skills. Originating in The Incredible Hulk #1 (1962) thanks to the efforts of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the character is now widely considered to be one of Marvel’s best.

hulk vs abomination

Dr. Robert Bruce Banner is a brilliant physicist, but he is also physically frail, emotionally distant, and socially awkward. When adolescent Rick Jones drives onto the testing grounds, he is saved by Banner, who pulls Jones into a trench and takes the full force of the gamma bomb’s explosion for him. Later, he wakes up seemingly uninjured, but that night, he changes into a hulking grey (yep, he was previously grey before being recolored) form. The beast was dubbed a “hulk” by the chasing soldier.

Until recently, it was thought that Banner’s Hulk transformations were triggered by the sun setting and reversing themselves when the sun rose again. Curiously, in The Incredible Hulk #4, Banner is cured, yet he still opts to use his brain to restore Hulk’s abilities. He joined the Avengers and eventually became one of their original members.

Green-skinned and incredibly strong, the Hulk is a massive humanoid with a greenish tint to his skin. In a dissociative disorder, the two “personalities” coexist in the same body but are often at odds with one another. As the viewer sees the Hulk becoming angrier, so does the impression of his strength grow. While most depictions of the Hulk feature him as a raging barbarian, Banner’s schizophrenic mind has allowed for alternate interpretations in which he is a clever warrior or smart scientist.

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Comparing the powers of Abomination and Hulk

In our next segment, we’ll examine the similarities and differences between the two heroes’ abilities. Our third section will not be a direct comparison but rather a statement of their capabilities and talents that will form the basis of our research. This time, let’s actually get started.

hulk vs abomination

The Abomination has superhuman strength and durability, much like the Hulk (as his transformation is also due to gamma rays). However, there are a few key distinctions: In addition to his strength being higher than the Hulk while the latter is “calm,” Emil Blonsky’s intelligence remained unaffected by his change (stable, his transformation does not let him to return to his old human form).

However, unlike the Hulk, the Abomination’s power does not rise as he gets angry (which may allow the Hulk, if he has been “pissed off” enough to overcome the Abominatio).

The Abomination can produce a force equal to lifting 200 tonnes, making it twice as large as the Hulk in its “calm” state. His incredibly powerful muscles allow him to do a vertical leap of up to three kilometres. He frequently uses his leaping abilities to get around.

Its scaly, highly thick skin protects it against powerful shocks (such as the impact of cannon shells) or extreme temperatures (from −155 ° C to 2000 ° C); he is notably able to survive repeated strikes from the Hulk. In addition, he is protected from the illnesses that plague Earthlings.

hulk vs abomination

Thanks to gamma rays, he has the capacity of regeneration. Thus, he can recover from non-lethal wounds and even regrow his eyes if they are damaged, albeit at a considerably slower rate than the Hulk. They have the ability to hold their breath for long periods of time, putting them into a comatose state in situations when oxygen is scarce or the temperature is low. Because of this, he can stay in space (although paralysed) for an extended period of time. He gained the ability to read minds temporarily.

Besides his enormous strength, Hulk boasts remarkable resistance. The gamma rays responsible for giving him his distinctive green skin also give him the ability to absorb and resist tremendous force. Hes has been seen to survive the impact of bullets, grenades, cannon shells and even missiles without damage. He is immune to the effects of ballistic weaponry.

We have seen the Hulk resist the effects of nuclear blasts on multiple occasions, including in Antarctica when he battled Thor and on the planet Sakaar when the Sakaarians detonated an atomic bomb powerful enough to throw the world off kilter. The Hulk also resisted Human Torch’s supernova attack and the X-Men’s Storm’s lightning simultaneously.

Only vibranium, the metal used to build Warpath’s daggers, and adamantium, the metal used to make Wolverine’s claws, are strong enough to penetrate the Hulk’s skin. In spite of this, the Hulk’s tissues regenerate at a very high pace, and he has been known to announce to Wolverine in the midst of a fight that neither of them could die from wounds due to their self-healing powers.

Despite popular belief, the Hulk does not possess any genuine psychic powers. In “World War Hulk,” Professor Xavier delves into the psyche of the Hulk, who is exceptionally angry at the time, and comes to the conclusion that he will not be able to overpower him without the Hulk hitting him in defence. However, Onslaught and Apocalypse were able to rein him in (although their dominance did not last very long).

The Hulk is also able to see astral beings like Professor Xavier and Doctor Strange. In “World War Hulk,” he even lures Xavier’s physical body to him when the Professor is in spirit form.

Before we continue, let us see how the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z (2010) compares the two characters:

Energy Projection1/71-5/7
Fighting Skills2/74/7

Numbers alone don’t tell you anything, and that’s to be expected given that the Abomination was designed to improve upon the Hulk. Because of this, we need to provide a thorough analysis, but first, a quick response to a related question.

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Why Is Abomination Bigger than Hulk?

The original intent of the Abomination was for him to be a more powerful and dangerous Hulk. It stands to reason that he would likewise tower over him, however it should be noted that this disparity in height is played up more in the MCU films (which aren’t canon) than in the comics, where the two are typically depicted as being about the same height.

hulk vs abomination

Considering that the Abomination was designed to be a monster capable of defeating the Hulk, he naturally stands taller than the Hulk. However, as this battle shows, height is mostly irrelevant in the arena of battle.

Abomination vs Hulk: Who would win?

Our article’s analysis is the meatiest and most engaging part. Here, we’ll take everything we know about these two people and figure out whether or not it helps them when they’re pitted against each other in a battle. Ok, let’s keep going.

hulk vs abomination

The original intention behind the Abomination was to make a superhero with enhanced strength and durability, much like the Hulk but even more so. Indeed, he was, and in many respects. When compared to Banner, who for a long time had absolutely no control over the Hulk, this new version of the Hulk was larger, stronger, more durable, and able to regulate the change on his own. As a result, Abomination gained an upper hand in a number of encounters.

He not only avoided injury but also managed to give the Hulk a swift kick in the behind. This is why Abomination was able to achieve some victory over the Hulk, however there is a catch. To be more specific, Hulk was “calm,” as in not furious, and used only his standard powers when Abomination defeated him.

But as everyone knows, Hulk has a unique power that allows him to become more powerful when he becomes angry. In particular, it has been speculated that there is either no upper limit to the Hulk’s power, or that if there were, the Hulk would be invincible at that point. For that reason, Abomination would have to either end the fight swiftly and escape or tread carefully so as not to provoke the Hulk. Both choices are exceedingly implausible.

Which, of course, brings us to our conclusion. When Hulk and Abomination squared off, Hulk usually came out on top because of the ability described above. In order to back up our claim, we’ve compiled a list of the top encounters between these two throthe ughout media.

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5 Best Abomination vs Hulk fights

1. Incredible Hulk (vol. 2) #25 (2001)

hulk vs abomination

In the “Always on My Mind” storyline, the Hulk mourns the death of his wife, who was killed by the Abomination. Finally coming to blows, Blonsky succeeds in drawing blood early on, but the Hulk quickly becomes so enraged that he nearly kills Blonsky. He ultimately preserved his life, yet he was the clear winner in this case.

2. Incredible Hulks #618 (2011)

hulk vs abomination

Since Abomination had been shot by Red Hulk for killing his daughter and Banner’s wife, he was already officially dead when the events of this story took place. However, he came back to Earth again, this time commanding a host of demons in an assault on the Hulks. We’re not sure the Hulks would have been able to beat him if Doctor Strange hadn’t come to their rescue at the last minute.

3. Incredible Hulk (vol. 1) #314 (1985)

hulk vs abomination

The Hulk did not directly engage the Abomination in this encounter. Despite being an illusion, the conflict seemed very genuine to him, so we included it here. Overall, Hulk came out on top.

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4. Incredible Hulk (vol. 1) #159 (1973)

hulk vs abomination

Two years after falling into a coma, the Abomination awakens to find himself imprisoned; Ross releases him on the condition that he kills Hulk, and Blonsky agrees. After being provoked by Abomination in the desert, the Hulk easily knocks him out and emerges victorious once more.

5. Incredible Hulk (vol. 1) #171 (1974)

hulk vs abomination

Sometime later, the Abomination would get his revenge against the Hulk, this time teaming up with Rhino. An amazing battle it was, but eventually, the Hulk just got tired of it and left. The Abomination and the Rhino, enraged, charged at him, but the Hulk sidestepped their attack, and the two monsters ended up colliding and knocking each other out.

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