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House of The Dragon Is Paddy Considine Leaving Is Viserys Dead?

Is this weekend’s episode of House of the Dragon the last for Paddy Considine? Viserys’s passing had been long predicted. His health has declined over the course of the last few episodes, and at this point, we can only speculate as to when he may finally pass away.

This event, which concluded tonight’s Episode 8 of Season 1, marked the end of what could be called a difficult and turbulent rule.

king Viserys was hardly the greatest King, but we do not think he was the worst man in the world. In a world where harshness is often rewarded, he rarely exercised the authority required of a title, opting instead to be diplomatic. It seemed like there was constant upheaval in his immediate vicinity, and even in death, he probably wasn’t at rest.

A major unanswered question is raised by his passing: what will happen next? We all know that Queen Alicent is determined to see Aegon Targaryen ascend to the throne at whatever cost, but Rhaenyra is not on board with this plan.

She was confident that she would return to King’s Landing and claim her crown one day, even though she had been away for quite some time. She had been mentally preparing for this her whole life after hearing it from Viserys. It’s inevitable that the situation will get chaotic.

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