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‘House of The Dragon’ Episode 8 to Be Longest Yet!

The seventh episode of House of the Dragon set a high bar for future episodes. Laenor’s ending is a massive storyline twist, Aemond abducted Vhagar, Alicent sliced Rhaenyra’s arms open, Rhaenyra and Daemon were married, and so on.

In Episode 8, we’ll meet the elder version of the new generation of Targaryens as the impending war draws closer. Critics who were given early access to the episode praised it as the series’ best installment. It also happens to be the longest.

It had been established before that Episode 6 would go the longest. The extra minutes added to Episode 8’s running time suggest that HBO decided to reinstate some material that had previously been cut. It’s currently the longest and highest-rated episode on IMDb, clocking in at 1 hour and 11 minutes.

Many viewers can’t wait till the next episode airs to find out what happens. Rhaenyra and her family, including their unborn child, are on their way back to King’s Landing. There’s a recent snapshot that shows the Princess and the Queen staring each other down.

The young Targaryen and Velaryon men could also get into a fight. At Driftmark, Princess Rhaenys is engaged in her own conflict with Vaemond Velaryon. To top it all off, King Viserys has fallen ill, so Ser Otto has assumed leadership. The Black group has received even more awful news.

To what do you look forward most in the eighth episode of House of the Dragon? Do you have a preference for the Greens or the Blacks, or will you solely be watching the drama unfold in the Targaryen household? Tell us and discuss this and other interesting topics on our discord server.

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