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Henry Cavill Clung to The Dream that He Would One Day Be Superman Again!

Henry Cavill will return to resume his iconic portrayal of Superman in future DC Studios projects. In a recent interview, Cavill noted that he was always very well aware that he may never get to play the role again.

Cavill explained to Deadline that even though your performance and reception may be favorable, you never have complete control over a part. Cavill said that he hung onto the part of Superman with great tenderness since he wasn’t sure if he would have the opportunity to portray him again.

No matter what you may believe, no matter how your performance was, no matter what elements were out of your power to begin with, and no matter how the audience feels, Cavill continued, you as an actor must learn that there are things beyond your control. It was something I had to delicately hold onto in my heart since I didn’t know if I would get another chance to play it. However, getting another chance was crucial, and I feel really grateful and privileged to have one right now.


Despite Cavill’s reservations about reprising his role as Superman, the actor’s tenacity paid off as he not only made a cameo appearance in the recently released Black Adam movie but will also be portraying Superman in the future.

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Fans were thrilled to see Cavill appear in Black Adam after the animated titles, as he does so at the request of Viola Davis and Amanda Waller before Dwayne Johnson’s titular character. Johnson has frequently expressed his desire to witness the clash of the two titans, and this appears more likely than ever.

Previously, Cavill played Superman/Clark Kent in the films Man of Steel (2013), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), Justice League (2017), and Justice League by Zack Snyder (2021). Fans were unsure if Cavill would still be playing the Man of Steel after the events of Justice League, thus this statement came as a welcome surprise to DC fans.

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