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Exclusive Clip from Manifest West Shows an Exciting Time Heidecker!

Excited to debut an exclusive clip from Manifest West, the thriller film by director Louie Gibson. The film is now playing in theaters and is available digitally and through video-on-demand.

According to the movie’s synopsis, Manifest West is a coming-of-age tale seen through the perspective of a ten-year-old girl whose family relocates into the wilds of North America. It represents their attempt to return to normal, live off the land, and get away from the demands of contemporary life. However, the family is experiencing its own internal stresses, and no matter how high you go up the mountain, you will never be able to escape what is happening in your own home.

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View the Manifest West clip exclusively below:

Joe Dietsch and Louie Gibson are responsible for writing and directing Manifest West. Michael Cudlitz, Lexy Kolker, Milo Gibson, Tim Heidecker, and Annet Mahendru are among its cast members. The movie is currently showing in theatres and is also downloadable and watchable on demand.

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