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Emery Carey Dishes on Her Dragon Run Home

During the pilot season of House of the Dragon, he played Queen Alicent Hightower for five episodes.

Emily Carey, who played Alicent Hightower in the first half of House of the Dragon, sat down for an interview with Interview Magazine to discuss her time in the role. Carey and her co-star Milly Alcock arranged to meet before they ever arrived on site.

The reason for such was the fact that joining a project with as many unknowns as House of the Dragon was extremely terrifying. As the original cast member, Alcock was curious about Carey’s introduction to the show.

Like the rest of the cast, they shared a common, specialised experience. Carey claims that the massive set shocked even the “renowned actors.” House of the Dragon will likely follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, Game of Thrones, as one of the most popular television series of all time.

Carey maintains that there is no way to anticipate the magnitude of the performance. Carey had done all she could to get ready for the release of House of the Dragon, but when it eventually came out, she thought, “Wow, I was totally not prepared for that.” Carey sought to block off any thoughts of the fans or Game of Thrones before beginning filming so that he could focus on the task at hand.

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The Acting

Carey appeared in five episodes during the show’s first season, and many of their interactions together involved lengthy monologues from other characters that she had to act out. Long paragraphs and elaborate utterances in conversation are among Carey’s favourite writing challenges. And the added depth is what really appeals to Carey about it. Despite the lack of dialogue, a scene can nonetheless convey a great deal of meaning.

When asked to recall a single incident or anecdote from the shoot that best encapsulates the entire endeavour, Carey immediately thought of two separate instances. First is a clip from the most recent episode directed by Carey, in which Alicent’s father Otto (Rhys Ifans) gives his daughter the last warning before leaving her post as the Hand to the king. When this father and daughter relationship reaches a point where they should be expressing their affection for one another, such as by saying “I love you” or “I’m going to miss you,” they instead argue.

Group members often remark how much they enjoyed working on the tourney scene because it was the first time the entire cast had worked together. Carey described the large group scene that took nearly a week to film as feeling like one huge dysfunctional family. Carey claims that the show’s premise centres on a dysfunctional family.

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Ten years have passed, and in that time Olivia Cooke has grown into the role of the mature Alicent. Carey claims the creative team almost made a conscious decision to have him and Cooke portray completely different roles after they had worked together for so long. Therefore, there was no need to waste time discussing where Carey left off and Cooke began. It wasn’t that they couldn’t communicate; rather, nothing ever came of it.

The question of whether or not Cooke would have portrayed a younger Alicent, in the same manner, would have intrigued Carey. Carey’s portrayal of young Alicent could be spot on with what Cooke had hoped for if he had been cast in the role.

As an actor, Carey says he considers the character’s origin and development while reading about them. Carey guessed that it must have been weird for Cooke to have the game written down but not have the opportunity to actually play it.

Carey, who has long admired Cooke, is happy to put her critical faculties on hold for the time being so that she may just enjoy House of the Dragon without analysing her own performance. There isn’t much Carey can say about the acting she’ll be doing now that she’s no longer on the show.

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