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Early Development of Batman Spin-Off Movies Featuring Villains

The world of Matt Reeves’ Batman is about to expand since a recent Hollywood Reporter article suggests that Reeves wants to significantly broaden the Batman realm.

The information was revealed in a recent comprehensive report on DC’s initiatives at Warner Bros. Discovery, in which Borys Kit noted that Matt Reeves wants to expand the broader Batman universe beyond simply his planned sequel and the upcoming Penguin spin-off series.

Reeves has reportedly started meeting with writers and filmmakers to develop films centered on the classic rogue’s gallery from Batman’s past, according to the source.

Matt Reeves to make spin-off movies for several Batman villains | Boing  Boing

While nothing solid was confirmed, the story did make mention of the villains being explored for movies, including Scarecrow, Clayface, and even Professor Pyg, who is regarded as one of Batman’s darkest and most unsettling foes. Expect to hear little about any of those initiatives anytime soon because, according to the article, they are all “in the very early phases of gestation.”

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The next limited drama series centered on Colin Farrell’s Penguin character from The Batman is up next for Reeves and his Gotham City universe.

The HBO Max series will center on Oswald Cobblepot’s history and chronicle his rise to dominance in Gotham’s sordid underworld rather than portraying him as the established kingpin.

It is set in the universe of 2022’s The Batman. The Penguin has a long history of live-action portrayals; Danny DeVito is well known for playing the role in Batman Returns, while Robin Lord Taylor played him in Gotham.

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