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Dracula Vs. Frankenstein: Here Is 5 Reasons Why Dracula Would Win and 5 Reasons Why Frankenstein Would Win.

Perhaps the two most well-known monsters in horror are Dracula and Frankenstein. Where do these two well-known figures stand in relation to one another?

The Monster of Frankenstein (hence referred to simply as Frankenstein) and Count Dracula are two of the most well-known representatives of the Gothic Horror subgenre. Frankenstein and Dracula, both the creations of Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker, have been featured in several adaptations over the past several decades, cementing their place in mainstream culture. The horrific nature of these personas and their abilities, though, may leave some wondering who would come out on top in a fight between the two villains.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Dracula Would Win and 5 Reasons Why Frankenstein Would Win.

10. Dracula: Control And Command Corpses

Dracula’s ability to influence animals is one of his lesser-known yet interesting superpowers. Dracula, the vampire Count, can command both living creatures and the dead, and he even maintains some sway over the Vampires he has transformed.

In the event of a struggle with Frankenstein, Dracula will have the upper hand thanks to his ability to call in reinforcements.

9. Frankenstein: Agility and Reflexes

dracula vs frankenstein

While Frankenstein’s towering and wide gait may not strike many as a particularly nimble design, the undead monster is unexpectedly capable of feats of agility and superhuman reflexes.

As a result, Frankenstein may be able to avoid Dracula’s blows and perhaps give him a swift counterpunch in their battle.

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8. Dracula: Shape-Shifting

dracula vs frankenstein

While Dracula’s ability to transform into a bat is widely known, his capacity to transform into a variety of other things and creatures is much less well-known.

The Transylvanian Count is capable of making himself bigger, shifting into the form of a beast (such as a wolf), or even being able to change into a kind of elemental dust. This would undoubtedly give Dracula the ability to deal considerably more damage to Frankenstein than he could as a human.

7. Frankenstein: Super Healing

dracula vs frankenstein

While Wolverine and Deadpool, two of Marvel Comics’ most popular characters, are typically cited as having the best healing factors, Frankenstein is also capable of super healing.

6. Dracula: Specific Weaknesses

dracula vs frankenstein

Vampire mythology devotees will have a firm grasp on the undead’s vulnerabilities. Common methods of killing a vampire include the use of holy water, wooden stakes, sunlight, garlic, and other herbs and spices.

This means that, if Frankenstein were to strike a solid punch on Dracula, it may not even kill the vampire. It would be up to Frankenstein to devise a strategy to fight him, and by the time he did, it might be too late.

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5. Frankenstein: Durability

dracula vs frankenstein

The ability to recover is just one aspect of Frankenstein’s remarkable resilience. Due to both his healing factor and his huge height and stature, Frankenstein is capable of taking significantly more damage than a normal human.

This suggests that Frankenstein may be able to kill Dracula if they ever got into a fight, but only after an enormous amount of effort. In order to defeat the vampire, the monster needs just to suffer damage until a suitable moment arises to strike.

4. Dracula: Speed

Frankenstein isn’t exactly slow, the creature is capable of ascending mountains at an astonishing pace, but there is no disputing that Dracula is significantly faster. This becomes even more clear when the vampire is capable of changing forms at will, allowing him to move around Frankenstein with ease.

Dracula’s quickness makes him a threat to Frankenstein because he can easily outrun the monster’s defenses and sneak up on him for an assault.

3. Frankenstein: Stamina

dracula vs frankenstein

The resilience of Frankenstein’s creation is one of its most underappreciated features. This is connected to his ability to keep moving, even if the discomfort would be overwhelming for a typical human being.

Frankenstein’s gigantic durability would allow him to outlast Dracula in a battle, as he could withstand more hits before tiring. As Dracula will have to continue moving to evade Frankenstein’s tremendous blows, this would lead to Dracula tiring out even faster.

2. Dracula: Intelligence

dracula vs frankenstein

Even while Frankenstein has been shown to be bright in several adaptations, Dracula stands out as an especially shrewd and perceptive adversary.

Dracula could easily devise a strategy to defeat Frankenstein’s undead creation, despite the latter’s superior strength and durability.

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1. Frankenstein: Strength

Most people would agree that Frankenstein would defeat Dracula in a fight because of the monster’s overwhelming strength. Frankenstein has superhuman strength and might be able to knock out or at least severely injure Dracula with a single blow.

In light of this, a confrontation between them would have to be carefully balanced. While Dracula must rely on speed to defeat Frankenstein, the monster can simply wait till an opening presents itself and then feast.

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