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Chris Pine Claims to Know Nothing About a ‘Star Trek 4′ and Labels the Series “Cursed”!

We’re sorry Trekkies, but we’ve got some disappointing news for you if you’ve been waiting for the fourth Star Trek movie. Captain Kirk himself doesn’t sure when it will arrive, and neither do we.

Chris Pine, who plays Captain James T. Kirk in the reboot franchise, claims in an interview with Esquire that he hasn’t heard any updates on the postponed Star Trek 4 movie.

Pine said, “I don’t know anything. The performers are typically the last to learn anything in Star Trek land. I am aware of costume designers who read the scripts before the players.

Chris Pine

Pine played the lead in three Star Trek films: 2009’s Star Trek, 2013’s Star Trek: Into the Darkness, and 2016’s Star Trek: Beyond. Pine is anticipated to make an appearance in the fourth film, should it ever be made. The movie’s scripts were written by directors Quentin Tarantino and Noah Haley, but they never saw the light of day. Matt Shaman, the most recent director associated with the project, quit working on Marvel Studios’ reimagining of the Fantastic Four.

Producer J.J. Abrams asserts that the script is in a good place despite all of these hiccups. After the initial reboot, “I will say it’s the first time [that we have a story that seems as engaging as the first one],” said Abrams.

Pine is still unaware of anything, though.

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Pine remarked, “I would say it is irritating. Although it doesn’t exactly promote the best sense of collaboration, this is how things have always been. I adore the protagonist. I adore everyone here. I adore the brand. Nevertheless, I just am unable to attempt to alter the mechanism through which things are produced. I’m not in the mood.

Fans of the franchise also experience irritation as they see studios like Marvel releasing films year after year while they wait for Star Trek to return to the big screen.

Beyond also didn’t do as well as Pine anticipated. Only $344 million USD was made worldwide for the film. Even if Star Trek 4 were to be released, it’s impossible to predict if it would be a commercial success, especially in the extremely competitive post-pandemic environment of today where movies are expected to achieve box office success comparable to that of Marvel.

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I don’t think Star Trek was ever intended to conduct that kind of business, he remarked. Instead of attempting to compete with the Marvels of the world, I’ve always wondered, “Why aren’t we just appealing to this extremely ardent fan group, making the movie for a good price, and going on our merry way?”

The franchise is probably cursed, the actor concluded.

“I don’t know, it just felt… feels like it’s cursed after the last one came out and didn’t cross the $1 billion that everyone wanted it to, and then Anton [Yelchin] passed away. Chris Pine claims that the Star Trek franchise is “cursed” and has no information on the upcoming fourth installment.

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