Cast of Jason Voorhees vs. Michael Myers Film: Check the Differences Between the Cast of Two

Cast of Jason Voorhees vs. Michael Myers Film: Check the Differences Between the Cast of Two

For those of you who will be celebrating Friday the 13th, best wishes. Due to the fact that 2022 only has one day designated for this purpose, I thought it was time to examine the Jason V Michael controversy. In the year 2020, I decided to make a case for why Jason Voorhees was a better assassin than Michael Myers, despite the fact that I knew it would be controversial. Halloween is a better franchise than Friday the 13th, and hence the vast majority of people are likely to choose the name, Michael. It’s been a while since my last list, so I’ve updated the #Slashermetrics to see where we are today.

This comparison will employ the same five criteria as my last entry. Physical stature, preferred weapon, kill skills, kill count, and a strange supernatural family twist round out the list of criteria for each entry. Halloween Kills made my slashermetric-based article a more difficult work for me, a Jason Voorhees fan.

Physical Stature:

This part is largely the same as before. Mostly. Huge, huge animals, both. When it comes to height, Jason Voorhees stands at 6’5″ while Michael Myers stands at 6’7″. Nonetheless, I have a few issues with this story of the tape. The Rob Zombie reboot/sequel Myers was played by 6’7″ Tyler Mane, whereas the original Myers was performed by 5’10” Nick Castle.

Kane Hodder, who stands at 6’3″, is the only Jason Voorhees I know and love. As far as size and power are concerned, they are fairly similar. The core strength of a titan was displayed by Michael when he lowered himself from a ceiling pipe in Halloween H20. On Friday the 13th: Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason punches a person in the face, knocking his head off his neck. I can’t make a final decision because it’s so near. Even yet, it appears that Myers is also proficient in Krav Maga and Wushu? Just so you know, he ripped those firefighters to shreds like Ip Man.

Preferred Weapon:

My prior post will be repeated here. While Halloween Kills brought much-needed kill variation, it didn’t replace the primary weapons of choice, a butcher’s knife and a machete. True, they have a lot in common, to be honest. However, Mikey doesn’t like to use weapons as projectiles, therefore he prefers to use a smaller knife. While the longer machete may be superior at slashing, I’d say it’s a draw when it comes to picking your weapon of choice.

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Kill Skills:

The time has come for me to pay for my previous transgressions. I labeled Michael incorrectly in my previous review. Vanilla was my term for his killing prowess. Now I’m going to have to take a bite out of my own words. Nonnie, Buzz, and Summer of George, take advantage of the opportunity to savor the memories of this summer. I stand by what I stated at the time, and will continue to do so.

Myers is to be commended for his performance in the two most recent films. Fight against mobs with stolen firefighter tools and civilians as a human shield. Jason Voorhees has always been a breeze for me. I award the round to Mr. Voorhees because of the narrowing of the deficit. Accepting the argument in favor of Myers is going to be difficult for me.

Kill Count:

Ah, the death toll. Our slasher meal’s main course. Ultimately, this is the metric that matters the most. In the same way, I’m adhering to the same rules. Reboots aren’t included. Because of this, the Rob Zombie Halloween films and the 2009 Friday the 13th aren’t included. There will be no reference to Friday the 13th (1980), Friday the 13th V: A New Beginning or most of Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday because this is all about Jason vs. Michael.

Even if the distance between them has shrunk, Jason still holds the upper hand. His MPK (minutes per kill) is a svelte 6.1 minutes, despite the fact that he kills more in fewer movies. Mikey’s slashermetrics received a major boost from the new Halloween films. We averaged 21 kills per movie with a 5.1-minute MPK from the two films. The edge may be lost by the time Halloween Ends is released. Jason Voorhees has a two-goal lead.

Michael Myers:

cast of jason voorhees vs. michael myers film

However, the 1989 film Revenge of Michael Myers deserves credit for laying the groundwork. Finally, the payoff came in 1995, when we learned that Michael Myers is cursed with the Curse of Thorn, which is the root of his wickedness. The night of Sam Hain (Halloween) grants him superhuman abilities, but he must sacrifice his entire family to appease a mysterious monster who threatens the tribe/cult if he doesn’t do so. The one from Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday in 1993, because you’re still here, is a must-discuss.

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Jason Voorhees:

Jason Voorhees isn’t really a person at all, but rather an entity in this film. His soul can be temporarily transferred to another human host when he dies. When the time comes for him to return to his super Saiyan form, his spirit must find a Voorhees body. He can only be “permanently” slain by one of the Voorhees family members. The bounty hunter also possesses a magical Voorhees knife. How and why the Necronomicon is hidden in the Voorhees manor (a place never once visited or mentioned in the first eight films of the Evil Dead franchise) remains a mystery.

Shockingly, these plot points are not addressed in any future chapters of either of these franchises. As a fan of Friday the 13th and Evil Dead, Jason Goes to Hell is one of my favorites. Not anymore, Marvel.