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Box Office Results: Wakanda Forever,(Black Panther) Soars to the Top of the Box Office!

As expected, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever exploded out of the gates with a massive $180 million domestic opening weekend from 4,396 theaters. According to Deadline, that figure is about 5 percent behind the original Black Panther and 8 percent ahead of Thor: Love and Thunder. Considering the massive runtime and current state of moviegoing, this is an enormous win for Disney.

Black Panther generated a record $14.2 million in November for Imax from 405 US cinemas. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which had held the record for the largest November opening for nine years, was defeated by Black Panther’s debut. That is absurd. Without China’s assistance, Ryan Coogler’s epic sequel brought in $330 million worldwide. With no major releases scheduled in the near future, Wakandam might remain at the box office indefinitely.

Box Office Results

The Fabelmans, directed by Steven Spielberg, was the only other noteworthy release this week. It debuted in four theatres throughout the nation and earned $160,000, or $40K per theatre. That is comparable to the few available seats for Tar ($39K) and Banshees of Inisherin ($46K). On November 23, Spielberg’s autobiographical film is widely released.

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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (Dis), 4,396 theatres, $84M on Friday, $175M to $185M on Saturday.

2.) Black Adam (NL) 3,603 (-382) screens, Friday $2.7M (-43%), and three days $10M (-45%), totaling $152.5M/week 4

3.) “Ticket to Paradise” (University) 3,633 (-433) theatres, Friday $2.1M (-17%), three days $6.3M (-25%), totaling $56.7M/week 4

4.) Lyle, Lyle Crocodile (Sony), 2,486 (-519), Friday $1.125M (+52%), three days $3M (-9%) Total: $40.6M/Week 6

5.) Smiling (Par) 2,271 (-775) theatres, Friday $800K (-31%), three days $2.285M (-43%), total $102.7M/week 7

6.) Prey for the Devil (LG), 2,164 (down 816) cinemas, Friday $678K (down 40%), and three days $1.9M (down 51%) $16.8M overall/week 3

7.) One Piece Movie Red (Crunchy) 2,161 (-206) theatres, Fri $481K (-90%), 3-day $1.53M (-84%)/Total $12.8M/Week 2

8.) The Banshees of Inisherin 960 (+65) Total $5.6M/week 4; Fri $548K (-25%); 3-day $1.5M (-25%)

9.) Through (UAR), 1,358 (-778) theatres, Friday $193K (-63%), and three days $685K (-63%) totaled $8.1M for week five.

Yashoda (Cine) 200 theatres, Friday $137K, three days $395K/week 1

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