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The Remake of Barbarella Will Be Led by Sydney Sweeney

According to Deadline, Euphoriabreakout Sydney Sweeney has been cast in the lead position of Sony Pictures’ newest movie, Barbarella, which is based on the same-named French comic book series by Jean-Claude Forest. Sweeney is anticipated to act as well as serve as executive producer.

TheBarbarellamovie is presently in the planning stages. The renowned space explorer, who was first portrayed by Jane Fonda in the cult classic 1968 movie adaptation, will now be played by Sweeney. As of right present, the project has neither a director nor a writer.

The narrative centers on an astronaut who represents the United Earth government. She has been given the mission to embark on a journey in search of the scientist Durand Durand, who developed the Positronic Ray, a weapon that has the potential to harm the galaxy.

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Sydney Sweeney will star in the thriller The Registration from Sony Pictures.

She is well recognized for her appearance in the White Lotus series from the previous year, in addition to her part as Cassie Howard in Euphoria. Sweeney will be working with Sony once more on the forthcoming project since she is presently working on the studio’s upcoming live-action Marvel movie, Madame Web.

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