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An Interview with Grace Caroline Currey on Extreme Filming Conditions

Prior to the movie’s Blu-ray and DVD release on October 18, ComingSoon spoke with Fallstar Grace Caroline Currey on the difficult shooting circumstances for the thriller and other topics. It’s presently accessible digitally.

For Becky (Grace Caroline Currey) and Hunter (Virginia Gardner), who are best friends, life is all about overcoming obstacles and pushing the envelope. But after ascending 2,000 feet to the top of a lonely, deserted radio tower, they discover that there is no way back down, according to the synopsis.

In this adrenaline-fueled thriller, Becky and Hunter’s expert climbing abilities will be put to the ultimate test as they struggle to survive the elements, a lack of supplies, and dizzying heights.

Mr. Tyler Treese, It goes without saying that there is an enormous structure and frightening heights, but what really struck me about Fall was how well grief is portrayed in the movie. What about that part of the movie particularly touched you and inspired you to take part in this?

Grace Caroline Currey: I simply believe that loss is such a complex, multi-layered concept. I enjoy counseling. I strongly support it. I’m undoubtedly going through a variety of loss experiences. I was eager to attempt to sketch out the events and some of Becky’s experiences.

Since we shot things out of order, I try to plan out my performances as an actor so that I can sort of know where my character is emotionally and situationally. However, I believe that exploring the loss component was incredibly exciting for me.

I felt somewhat protective in telling Becky’s story since my heart hurt for her. But there’s also the physical nature of the stunt part. I suppose I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t have the strength or the capacity to be that intensely emotional and to engage in such extreme physical behaviour. Nevertheless, I was eager for the task.

Fall Interview: Grace Caroline Currey Reflects on Extreme Filming Conditions

I wanted to inquire about the physical part because, in addition to being on this 100-foot tower, you are also perched above a 2000-foot cliff, experiencing extreme heat, being in the desert, and being buffeted by the wind. How do you manage that while maintaining such a strong performance?

I appreciate it. I believe I was greatly assisted. Ginny and I, I believe, benefited greatly from really being outside in the weather. There are advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include the fact that you are truly perspiring, worn out, and battling dehydration from spending the entire day in the sun. Crazy wind speeds are another factor that makes you feel fatigued from being tossed around by the wind all day.

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For example, the gusts may become so intense that we occasionally had to leave the tower because it was too risky for us to remain there. It’s clear that trying to remember this encounter has caused some trauma. I have to admit that it was ridiculous.

Ginny and I would just stare at each other and wonder what we had gotten ourselves into. Because we’re elevated and perspiring excessively. Not to add that doing stunts and reciting lines might be challenging at times.

Then, on top of everything else, you included vulture filming. What a bizarre thing,

They remind me of dinosaurs. I mean, I couldn’t wait for them to arrive and start setting. When we worked with the vultures, it truly felt like there was this reverence and awesomeness for the birds. It would be announced that the vultures were on set, and this car would pull up with a grate on it. since they are untamed, untamed creatures.

That is undoubtedly a distinctive acting companion. Few people, in my opinion, have interacted with vultures in public.

Yes, I should include that on my resume without a doubt.

The plot of the movie just takes so many crazy turns, and it becomes really gloomy at moments. What did you think when you first read the screenplay and understood what was happening?

I I recall reading it in a single sitting and getting completely sucked into the plot, the idea of getting to audition for Becky, and the idea that this would be my first lead role. Overall, I’ve never had so much work on a set.

I remember reading the script and noticing how many twists and turns there were, as well as how much action there was. I clearly didn’t know yet if I would get the part. However, I was merely eager for the task. I merely wanted to see how they would construct it and how useful it would be.

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So it was quite exciting when Scott Mann told me we were going to build this tower and I would be outside when we first spoke. Do you have a fear of heights? “No, I don’t think so,” I responded. Hopefully not. I want this position.

It’s just you and Virginia for most of the movie, so it was crucial that you two got along so well. Can you communicate with her throughout a sequence because you two are on-screen together for 90% of the picture?

Yeah. This is something I’ve stated a lot, and I’ll say it once more. That movie would be impossible to do with anyone else. I was simply so grateful to have Ginny next to me so many times when I would gaze at her. since we had so many challenges practically every day.

We frequently missed our scheduled shooting days due to flying ant, bee, and thunderstorm infestations. Simply put, there was some fresh craziness every day. We frequently had to just quit and return to the hotel after being informed that it was too risky for us to continue shooting.

Therefore, there was a sense of urgency to not waste time, be on our game, and provide our craft, if you will, when we did shoot scenes. Therefore, I’m grateful that I had someone who takes acting seriously and was as organized as Ginny.

Due to the possibility of working with scene mates who either simply don’t know their lines (laughter) or who know their lines but are unsure of what they want to accomplish with the script. However, when she would arrive, she would just perform what she had planned, without hesitation. I’m therefore incredibly grateful to her. I was quite fortunate.

You referred to your involvement with the Shazam! Universe. Shazam! 2’s coming up. How much of a thrill was it that you get to play the superhero form as well? This time?

Yeah. I guess you can’t see me, so I should tell you, I’m just smiling, ear to ear. It was so special. It’s such a family, and obviously the Shazam family, but it really is. I mean, we spent our weekends hanging out at Zach [Levi]’s in the pool barbecuing, or we’d leave from shooting and go to Zach’s and get in the pool and eat barbecue and it was just all of us hanging out the whole time.

I feel like I was in the best position because I got to hang out with the kids and the adults, and I was on set with the kids and the adults. It got to the point where we were making jokes that I’m working almost every day. Cause when the kids are on set, I’m on set and when the adults are on set, I’m still on set.

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