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An Exclusive Rite of The Shaman Clip Previews a Family Drama

Rite of the Shaman is a family drama movie directed and co-written by Alicia Oberle Farmer, and ComingSoon is thrilled to premiere an exclusive clip from it. Video-on-demand is now offering the movie.

According to the movie’s summary, “Rite of the Shamantells is the narrative of mute high school student Kai’s journey of becoming a hero—a shaman—to his family, and especially to his mother who is fighting cancer.” Through the course of the movie, Kai changes from a grumpy, tormented teen to one who accepts his duty as the family’s healer or shaman—a job that his grandfather held until his death.

Watch the Rite of the Shaman clip exclusively below:

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Alicia Oberle Farmer co-wrote and directed Rite of the Shamanic. Video-on-demand is now offering the movie.

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