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A Big Oil Heiress Funds the ‘just Stop Oil’ Group that Threw Soup on Van Gogh’s Painting

A group that supports Just Stop Oil and others like it was founded by the granddaughter of oil mogul J. Paul Getty.

On Friday, members of the U.K.-based grassroots climate group Just Stop Oil vandalized a famous painting in a protest organized in part by an heiress to the Big Oil fortune.

The Climate Emergency Fund (CEF), established in Los Angeles, is funded in part by Aileen Getty, the granddaughter of Getty Oil’s founder. CEF is responsible for providing funding to a number of prominent international climate protest organizations. According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, environmental philanthropist Getty wired $500,000 to CEF in early 2019.

Millions of cash have been given to radical groups who have participated in disruptive protests all around the world, thanks in large part to Getty’s early and ongoing contributions to CEF. The A22 Network is one of CEF’s grantees; it comprises organizations from nine countries, including Germany, France, and Canada, as well as Just Stop Oil and Declares Emergency from the United States.

“Scientists have warned that we have passed a tipping point, and it seems like a dream that we have arrived at this point. Yet, all of our institutions continue to forge on, albeit with some lip service paid to sustainability “CEF executive director Margaret Klein Salamon stated in a statement sent to Fox News Digital.

“This is where the activists step in and declare, “Things are not normal.” Because of how horrible they are, I’ve decided to do this weird thing and glue myself to a picture or mirror. Because of how dire the climate emergency is, it’s the only logical conclusion to draw “The conversation proceeded while Salamon spoke.

The A22 Network, which CEF says is organizing an “October insurrection,” receives funding and support from CEF, according to the organization’s website. The A22 Network’s website states that CEF is the principal supporter of “recruitment, training, and capacity building” for the network and its “11 member projects.”

On Friday, Just Stop Oil protesters in London were arrested after they allegedly splashed tomato soup on a priceless Vincent van Gogh artwork.

When civic society is crumbling, “what use is art?” A statement sent by Just Stop Oil indicated as much after the fact. “If the art community, artists, and the art-loving public want to live in a world where people are still there to enjoy art, they need to step up into Civil Resistance.”

In a series of protests over the past few months, members of the organization have repeatedly fastened themselves to historical masterpieces. There have been incidents in the United Kingdom where protestors from the group Just Stop Oil have blocked key roads and highways, diverting emergency vehicles from their normal routes.

A spokesperson for Just Stop Oil told Fox News Digital in July, when asked about the group’s tactics, that “it’s clear that new oil and gas is going to cause unimaginable suffering for the people of this country and, indeed, the people around the world who are suffering at the expense of climate change now.”

The Guardian reported in April that in the first four months of 2022, CEF gave a stunning $650,000 to Just Stop Oil and other protest groups. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been donated to Just Stop Oil.

Another A22 Network member, Declare Emergency, recently made headlines in the United States for halting traffic near the nation’s capital in an effort to get Vice President Joe Biden to declare a “climate emergency.”

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