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3 Superman Stories: DC Could Adapt Following Henry Cavill’s DCU Return!

The film portion of the DC Universe is progressing favorably more so than it has in a long time. Fans are excited about the future with the announcement that James Gunn and Peter Safran will serve as co-CEOs of the new DC Studios. Following the thrilling announcement that Henry Cavill will indeed return as Superman, this constructive move was taken. When taken together, these actions represent a significant change in the DCU, and at this point, no one can precisely foresee how everything will turn out.

Cavill’s return, though, suggests that “The Last Son of Krypton” will once again take the lead in DC’s upcoming picture lineup. Even though Cavill has played the hero for ten years, he hasn’t actively participated in a new Justice League-related project since that film’s release in 2017. (Justice League by Zack Snyder doesn’t really count.) In light of this, Superman’s potential in the DC Universe is enormous.

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These movies just scraped the surface, even when one takes into account the four films where Christopher Reeves played his famous role and Brandon Routh’s remarkable performance in Superman Returns. For Cavill’s Superman project(s), a number of vintage comic stories could make good source material. Examining just three of them can give you an idea of the many options available.

All-Star Superman

Going back to the basics might be your best option. Fans have criticized the Superman films since Man of Steel for being overly violent and grim. A nod to one of the most cherished Superman tales could help the character get back on track and serve as a reminder to fans of why they love him so much. His latter days were the focus of Grant Morrison‘s All-Star Superman; after being overexposed to solar radiation, he only has a year to live. From then, the narrative hits all the high points, including Superman telling Lois Lane his secret identity and joining forces with her to take on a gigantic monster.

The narrative also has a lot of emotion, as Kal-El converses with his father and engages in a dramatic battle with Lex Luthor, who breaks down in tears when he realizes Superman’s vision for Earth. Superman dies in this story, thus an adaptation would probably need to make a lot of adjustments to make way for subsequent movies. However, adapting from All-Star Superman could be a suitable strategy to highlight the key characteristics of the protagonist and his supporting cast while also reinstating the upbeat tone for which he is well-known.

Superman: Brainiac

Since a new Superman film is an opportunity to start again, it could be preferable if it stays away from the same pool of villains that viewers have already seen. Although General Zod and Lex Luther have previously appeared in “The Man of Steel,” there are many other interesting antagonists to choose. Brainiacs might be the most appealing choice in the contemporary globe.

Brainiac is a character that has undergone numerous changes over the years, resembling a cross between an intelligent alien and a heartless machine. He is essentially a highly developed supercomputer with intermittent goals of world domination. Despite being described as a super-genius who easily outranks even the most intelligent people on the earth, he also wants universal knowledge.

He has fought the hero numerous times as one of Superman’s iconic foes, but Superman: Brainiac definitely packs a punch. Kal-El discovers that Brainiac was responsible for the deaths of several Kryptonians and for shrinking a Kryptonian city. Naturally, Brainiac has Earth as his objective, and Superman and Supergirl must stop him. Although this is a typical hero versus. alien scenario, it has a lot of weight and may also be a reasonable approach to integrating Supergirl into the DC Universe.

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Superman: President Luthor

Superman Stories

As previously established, Gene Hackman, Kevin Spacey, and Jesse Eisenberg have all played Lex Luthor in films over the years, in addition to Michael Rosenbaum’s TV portrayal of him on Smallville. But the antagonist has endured for a reason—he makes the ideal counterpoint to Superman. Over the years, his reasons for despising the hero have changed, but most of the time, it comes down to a conflict between good and evil.

If the upcoming Superman film incorporates elements of the “President Luthor” plot, this fight could get more intense. As the title suggests, Luthor ascends to the presidency and uses his influence to make Superman’s existence a misery. In addition, he discovers Kal-human El’s identity and exploits it against him while also attempting to utilize an alien invasion to his advantage in an effort to project the image of a powerful leader.

There are many ways the DC Universe may handle this subject; it could stay reasonably grounded and concentrate on President Luthor’s wrongdoings at the federal level, or it could go as far as the previously described battle with aliens. In either case, turning to “President Luthor” would be a bold move that might solidify Luthor as a vile antagonist and highlight Superman’s patriotism.

These are only a few instances; there are countless other Superman tales that may be excellent starting points for the character’s return to the DC Universe. The alternatives are infinite, and there’s reason to believe that any one of them might help make “The Man of Steel” back into a cherished figure, whether it’s playing the hits, highlighting a new enemy, or going back to Superman’s nemesis.

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