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The Closer Controversy: There Has Been Some Controversy Around Dave Chappelle’s the Closer on Netflix.

Dave Chappelle’s humour is often unexpected and divisive. It’s funny, his Netflix special, The Closer. His rocky history with the LGBTQ+ community, who hold him accountable for transphobic remarks, is the subject of the presentation.

In the programme, he tries to address the issue but only ends up creating additional controversy. He tried to end the years of animosity by presenting himself as a helpful ally. He made light of his own transphobia, said that “gender is a fact,” and expressed solidarity with the transphobic J.K. Rowling. His latest stand-up special, The Closer, is the most divisive of his career.

Netflix viewers and members of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as members of the LGBTQ+ community working at Netflix, were appalled by the speech. A lot of people want the transphobic show taken down from streaming services.

the closer controversy

His comments on the LGBTQ+ community in his 2019 stand-up special Sticks & Stones sparked a firestorm of criticism. Chappelle’s new programme includes jokes on the LGBTQ+ community and transgender people.

The transgender rights group “Team Trans” opposed Netflix’s decision to air the programme. Together with hundreds of activists and supporters, they walked out. Banners saying “Trans Lives Matter” and “Transphobia is not funny” were carried by the demonstrators in Los Angeles. Workers opposed the special and advocated for trans rights in the workplace. Ted Sarandos received a “list of asks” from employees to use in his campaign for fair treatment.

It was asked that a disclaimer be included in Chappelle’s special to notify viewers that it contains transphobic humour, that more trans people be promoted, and that more trans-affirming media be promoted.

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The activists think that if they can prohibit offensive information from streaming sites, they can avoid more protests.

Not only has Sarandos, but most of Netflix’s upper management, endorsed the special, it has also received widespread critical acclaim. Despite criticism from groups like GLAAD and the National Black Justice Coalition, Netflix has maintained that Chappelle’s programme does not “cross the line” for hate speech.

As far as Sarandos is concerned, “screen stuff doesn’t inflict real-world harm.” We don’t see Dave Chappelle as harmful,” Reed Hastings, another co-CEO, stated. A leading Netflix employee who organised the walkout was terminated.

The worker allegedly informed the press about ratings for the comedy programme. Disclosure of the Closer’s cost was made. This worker insists they have not spilt the beans. In response to a tweet about transphobic content on Netflix, a transgender employee was suspended.

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Dave Chappelle Aficionados

the closer controversy

At the counter-protest, supporters of Dave Chappelle held signs reading, “jokes are wonderful” and “Netflix, don’t kill free expression.” Those who have supported his work claim that his central point was muddled in the process of translation.

One of the rally’s main organisers, Ashlee Marie Preston, explained their real goal wasn’t to get Netflix to drop Chappelle, but rather to reorganise the company’s leadership so that they’re more welcoming to the trans community. To a recent audience, Chappelle clarified the real reason for the walkout, saying that it is not him vs the community, but rather the corporate’s interests and what he can and cannot say.

Netflix allows workers to resign from their positions without fear of retaliation (i.e., termination or suspension). None of the employees, however, were allowed to give interviews to the press. After the walkout, Sarandos realised he had botched the situation and wished he had been more forthcoming with his coworkers. In a statement, Sarandos admits he “should have led with considerably more sensitivity.” Also, he understands that his decision resulted in pain for his employees and is sorry he didn’t think about that in advance.

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Chappelle Said in His Latest Stand-Up Special

Chappelle stated in his most recent special that his discussion of the LGBTQ+ community was his last. To prove that he is not transphobic and can be helpful, he uses the show to encourage viewers to watch his earlier specials.

He’s been open to working with Netflix ever since the special debuted. He said in an  Instagram post that he would attend the protest if asked to, but now he says he is “not bowing to anyone’s demands.”

Chappelle’s career has suffered a serious hit because of this ongoing problem; his latest documentary has received far less attention than his last stand-up special. His talk ignited one of the biggest fights in Netflix history, which in turn led to major changes within the industry favourite.

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