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Seaworld Controversy: The Controversial Orca Show at Sea World Orlando Will Be Cancelled!

SeaWorld Orlando’s trademark killer whale performance is set to get a complete makeover in 2020, it was recently reported.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that the park’s “One Ocean” presentation will be replaced by a new show called “Orca Encounter.” The new show will cover a wide range of issues, including the role of killer whales in marine ecosystems, the behaviors these animals exhibit in the wild, the value of protecting their natural habitat, and the animal welfare practices employed by SeaWorld.

One Ocean’s fundamental idea was ocean preservation. This performance was the first time in SeaWorld’s history that trainers did not accompany the killer whales into the water.

Dawn Brancheau, a trainer at SeaWorld Orlando, was killed after she came into contact with a killer whale in 2010. As a result of this tragedy, safety measures were modified.

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Blackfish, a documentary that came out in 2013, was highly critical of SeaWorld’s practices. One animal rights group, PETA, has been pressuring the business to relocate its animals to coastal sanctuaries.

The park’s “One Ocean” attraction, which opened in April 2011, will close for good on December 31. Shamu Stadium will host an “Orca Encounter” on January 1st, 2019.

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Sergio Rivera took over as president and CEO of SeaWorld Parks a month ago. Copies of the company’s financial report for the third quarter were released simultaneously with the announcement, and both showed a decline in attendance of about 3%. Part of this drop can be attributed to Hurricane Dorian’s danger.

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