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Scott Adams Controversy: Scott Adams Discusses How Being White Caused Me to Lose My Tv Show!

The man of “Dilbert,” Scott Adams, says he was a target of prejudice. The Bay Area comic book writer has specifically claimed on social media that he has been fired from many jobs due to his skin color.

The Pleasanton Resident Wrote on Twitter on June 28

scott adams controversy

On June 28 she tweeted, “lost my TV program for being white when UPN decided it would focus on African-American audience.” That was my third job termination due to my race. (They told me that the other two were employed by major corporations.)

Actor Ahmed Best, best known for playing Jar Jar Binks in two “Star Wars” films, was responding to a tweet from the Hollywood Reporter when he wrote something utterly irrelevant, prompting Adams to retort in like.

Adams Is Making a Reference to The Two-Season

Adams is alluding to “Dilbert,” an animated cartoon that ran for two seasons on UPN beginning in 1999. Reportedly high numbers and critical acclaim for the Emmy-winning show’s first season were followed by a drop in viewership for the show’s sophomore outing.

Adams’s assertion that the show was discriminated against on the basis of race was quickly mocked on social media.

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Adams Reportedly Cited Low Viewership and Subpar Management.

An individual on Twitter stated that Adams’s latest explanation for the show’s termination didn’t square with what he supposedly said in a 2006 interview with Ground Report. Adams allegedly blamed low viewership and poor management for the show’s cancellation in that interview.

It was on UPN, a network not many people watch,” he allegedly stated. Another thing that lost us viewers was that the time slot kept changing between the first and second seasons owing to management mistakes. The worst television show ever, Shasta McNasty, was also on the schedule for us to watch.

When it comes to television, 75% of your audience is determined by how many people watched the show before yours. For us, that was the final straw. Others joined in, saying that Adams was playing the racial card by using the cancellation as a political opportunity.

Your Program on The Low-Quality Mini-Network Was Lackluster.

Your show on the shoddy little network was boring. If it were any good, it would have been broadcast on a reputable network to a discerning audience. You didn’t make the cut because of your poor scores. “Because I was white” is just more “snowflake nonsense,” as @HereToResist put it. Others took the opportunity to complain about the lack of diversity in the Dilbert ensemble.

Perhaps it’s more your responsibility than theirs for casting such a largely white cast of characters, The Twitter account @BriannaWu posted anything.

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Adams Responded to That Comment as Follows:

The introduction of black characters by white cartoonists inevitably leads to racial tension, as I’m sure you’re aware. If you did, you’d be an informed person. A tweet from Smith. Adams has a history of publishing controversial remarks online, including a recent one in which she blamed a popular film for the growth of Black Lives Matter protests after the murder of George Floyd.

I’d put money on it so that most of the protesters had at least heard of The Joker. “It’s so solid and well-made that it rebounds and settles in, becoming your prevailing default pattern of thought,” he tweeted.

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