Ree Drummond Controversy

Ree Drummond Controversy: In Season 2 of ‘the Pioneer Woman’ Some Viewers with A Controversial Joke About Chicken Wings.

Rее Drummоnd is a well-known American author, blogger, SV personality, and photographer. Whеn she isn’t at work, she lives in an apartment complex. It’s in a klаhоmа. The year was 2010 She ranked 22nd out of the first 25 celebs. When she started her own SV program called “NiR RiGRi,” it was in 2011. Then, she began working on “FiD NiWiRi,” which began in 2011.

The Pioneer Woman has made Ree Drummond a household name on the Food Network in recent years. The former city slicker-turned-cowgirl enjoys whipping up hearty meals for her ranch family in Oklahoma using only fresh ingredients from their Oklahoma ranch kitchen.

Meanwhile, viewers enjoy listening to and watching Drummond share anecdotes about her life while she prepares mouthwatering meals. However, a scene from a Season 2 episode that hasn’t aged well has disturbed and insulted several viewers.

Ree Drummond and Her Family Were Multi-Millionaires Before ‘the Pioneer Woman’

ree drummond controversy

Contrary to popular belief, despite the fact that they appear to be content with their humble lifestyle in rural Oklahoma, Ree and her husband Ladd are extremely wealthy. Ree Drummond and Ladd were making millions before they became famous as The Pioneer Woman because of their land ownership.

As previously reported by Cheat Sheet, the Drummond family owns 433,000 acres of land, ranking them as the 23rd largest landowner in the United States of America.

For allowing horses and burros to roam freely on their huge ranch, the Bureau of Land Management paid the Drummond family about $23 million from 2007 to 2017. There is a simple explanation for why the federal government is shelling out so much cash for this land:

Fans of Ree and her family’s simple, healthy way of life were surprised to learn how much money they were generating. There is a lot more money being made by Ree and Ladd than anyone expected.

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Some Fans Don’t Like the Traditional Gender Roles Promoted on ‘the Pioneer Woman’

The story of how Ree and her cowboy husband met has been a popular one among her followers. It was always a goal of the Oklahoma natives to be self-sufficient and to live in the big metropolis. Everything changed, however, when she met Ladd in a bar in Oklahoma while still a student.

Wife, mother, and homemaker are now her primary career goals for the former Food Network star. Even though her firm flourished on its own, she was able to develop her own. Psychology Today, on the other hand, claims that Ree sells her supporters on “a phony image of domestic bliss.”

Melanie Haupt, a Texas-based writer, was offended by Ree’s advocacy of traditional gender roles. In her dissertation, she described The Pioneer Lady as “an idealized woman, a frontier version of the angel in the house with a 21st-century twist.” A person who entertains themselves with domesticity as a form of escapism.”

Furthermore, Haupt criticized Ree’s use of the word “rugged Western masculinity” when speaking to Ladd.

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Ree Drummond Offended Fans in A Season 2 Segment About Chicken Wings:

Ree Dee has been criticized for a season 2 part of The Pioneer Woman that some have deemed racist in addition to her promotion of traditional gender norms. Eater reports that Ree served Asian Hot Wings to a group of men during the program. Nevertheless, they were not pleased with the results she had achieved in the oven.

“Where are the genuine wings?” says one man. Another says, “I don’t believe in them.” Ree chuckles and tells them, “I’m just kidding guys, I wouldn’t do that to you. Her next dish is “genuine” Buffalo wings in the traditional American style. One of the hungry men exclaimed, “Now those are some wings,” as he saw the switch.

Because her husband is a big fan of legendary Buffalo wings, Ree decided to play a prank on him. When she served him the Asian version, she feared that it might “mess” with him.

A website and podcast dedicated to Asian-American problems, Thick Dumpling Skin, did not find the footage amusing.

On Twitter, they asked, “Why do we have to watch non-Asian cooks who cannot pronounce ‘Sriracha’ and who do not have a chopstick drawer show us how to create our own dishes? ” And why do we have to endure their entire family making fun of it, like in this episode of The Pioneer Woman?”

Ladd, of course, enjoys the taste of Buffalo chicken wings. The Asian Hot Wings vs. regular wings debate seemed to be the focus of the segment. The Asian-American community was completely ignored.