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Prince Andrew Controversy: Why Wearing Military Uniforms by Members of The Royal Family Is Controversial!

Controversy has arisen in the midst of preparations for the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II as a result of a decision made by Buckingham Palace on which members of the royal family are authorized to wear military uniforms to formal events related to the burial.

Only working members of the royal family who hold military positions will be permitted to wear uniforms during the four funeral rituals that will take place over the course of the coming week, the Palace informed media outlets on Monday. This important exception will be made for working members of the royal family who serve in the military. Prince Andrew, Duke of York, will be allowed to attend one event while wearing an official uniform. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, will attend all engagements dressed in a casual manner.

Here’s What’s Happening and Why It’s Causing Some Concern.

prince andrew controversy

The only members of the royal family who do not have jobs are  Prince Andrew Harry and Andrew, who are both known as Harry. They have both served in the military in the past. Andrew served in the Royal Navy for 22 years and was a helicopter pilot during the Falklands War. He was awarded the British Empire Medal for his service.

After ten years of service, Harry was promoted to the rank of captain after completing two tours of duty in Afghanistan. During his time in the military, Harry served for a total of ten years. They each had their own unique motivations for giving up the life of monarchy.

Andrew was forced to resign from his position as a working member of the royal family after giving a disastrous interview to the BBC in November 2019, during which he attempted to defend his longtime friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and refute claims that he had sexually assaulted one of Epstein’s victims. The interview was about allegations that Andrew had sexually assaulted one of Epstein’s victims.

In January, Andrew was formally deprived of his honorary military positions, patronages, and use of the title “HRH” (His Royal Highness). This followed the filing of a federal lawsuit in which the woman accused Andrew of sexually assaulting her. (Andrew, who has always insisted that he is innocent, reached a settlement in the case for an amount of money that was reportedly rather substantial.)

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The Duchess of Sussex Decided to Leave the World of Royalty.

The couple announced their decision to leave the world of monarchy in January 2020. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, also known as Meghan Markle, was Harry’s wife at the time. They later claimed that this choice was motivated by the significant (and, according to them, racist and unfair) media attention as well as a lack of support from other members of the royal family and the public. They also claimed that this decision was driven by racism.

They lost their formal royal patronages, the right to use the title “HRH,” and, in the case of Harry, his honorary military appointments, most notably his position as captain-general of the Royal Marines. Additionally, they were stripped of their right to use the title “HRH.”

The duke apparently took this defeat very personally after being forced to give up his post as the ceremonial commander of the Royal Marines. He even sued the Daily Mail over headlines that indicated he hadn’t been in touch with them because they stated that he hadn’t communicated with them.

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While Edward Left the Royal Marines and Anne Has No Prior Military Experience

The funeral services for the Queen will be attended by Andrew’s three siblings, King Charles III, Anne, Princess Royal, and Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex. All three of Andrew’s siblings hold honorary military ranks and will appear at the funeral services dressed in full military regalia.

King Charles III is Andrew’s father. William, Prince of Wales, Harry’s older brother, also has one of them. The fact that William and the King have both served in the military, despite the fact that Edward left the  Royal Marines and Anne has never been involved in the military in the past, has led to some doubts.

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Buckingham Palace confirmed on Monday.

prince andrew controversy

On Monday, Buckingham Palace announced that he will wear a morning suit to all of the other ceremonies that he attends. In a statement that was provided to BuzzFeed News on Tuesday, a spokeswoman for Harry stated that he will not be wearing his uniform to any of the funeral rituals that are being held.

“as a special symbol of respect,” Prince Andrew will join his siblings during the final vigil for the Queen in Westminster Hall dressed in military attire, most likely his Royal Navy uniform due to the fact that he was stripped of his honorary ranks.

“Prince Harry, now known as the Duke of Sussex, will dress in a manner befitting an official occasion whenever he attends an event honoring his grandmother. We respectfully request that the attention continue to be directed toward the life and work of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

This apparent double standard has sparked conversation across many social media platforms. The uniform that he wears is not indicative of his ten years of service in the military.

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