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PETA controversy: PETA Slams Gordon Ramsay After Controversial TikTok Video!

After posting a video on TikTok in which he made a joke about choosing a lamb for supper, Gordon Ramsay has come under fire for the clip.

The infamous chef uploaded a video of himself singing “I’m going to eat you” while sneaking up on a pen full of lambs and singing the lyrics as he climbed up one side of the fence of the pen. He murmured “MMMM” as he rubbed the palms of his hands together while perched on the fence. “Yummy yum yum yum yum yum.” Before he completely enters the pen, causing the lambs to jump in surprise, he says, “Which one is going in the oven first?”

Many people felt that the chef, who is famous not only for his love of meat dishes but also for his profound dislike for vegetarianism, had gone too far with the clip.

One remark read, “I like you and everything, but you better not be serious,” while another added, “I was today years old when I lost all respect for Gordon Ramsay.” I like you and all but you better not be serious.

peta controversy

A person remarked, “I’m not even vegetarian but this is incredibly terrible,” in response to the article. “How heartless do you have to be to think that this is funny? It went on to say, “come on, everybody, we’re better than this.”

Others were able to find humour in the predicament by pointing out the sensitivity they felt was there in certain comments.

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In favour of the chef, one commenter stated that the other commenters needed to learn how to laugh at themselves and take a joke.

“People. We do consume beef….. Another individual commented, “Even though I’m not a fan of lamb, I find this really funny.”

Someone pointed out that some of the people in these comments appear to have no idea where meat originates from. [Citation needed] Another person said, “Bro just triggered the entire world.”

It is unclear whether people are more upset by the idea that the chef chose a lamb to slaughter on video or by the fact that he scared the lambs in the pen—which, for what it’s worth, appears to have been accidental due to the instability of the fence.

However, it is clear that people are upset about both of these things. In any case, a representative from PETA joined the conversation and criticised the chef for the tweet.

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In an interview with LADbible, Elisa Allen, who serves as the vice president of programmes for PETA UK, said, “Intimidating delicate lambs is loutish and not entertaining; Gordon Ramsay is a heartless man who makes a spectacle of himself.

She thinks it would be hilarious if her children adopted a vegan lifestyle and abandoned her in the same way that Elon Musk’s daughter did with her father. “Those lambs are merely newborns that seek very little from life other than the opportunity to enjoy it and to not end up in the mouth of this imbecile – or anyone else’s.”

Historically, PETA has had a propensity to overreact—or at the very least, be accused of overreacting—such as when they demanded that Pixar reimagine Little Bo Peep in Toy Story 4 or that the Major League Baseball rename the bullpen to the arm barn. Both of these examples are examples of PETA’s tendency to overreact.

There were a lot of trolls and others defending Ramsay in the replies to the tweet that PETA posted.

“Intimidating lambs?! To intimidate lambs is absurd, Jesus H. Christ, even if what you’re doing is crude. One person said that he did not even raise his voice and that his overall demeanour was even more subdued than usual.

“I swore I was going to have pizza for supper, but now I’m going to buy some mouthwatering lamb instead. Thank you, PETA,” remarked a different user.

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Someone more said, “It’s food that millions of people consume every day — get over it.”

The general people will never reach a point where they are unanimously in agreement about anything.

Perhaps it would have been best for Ramsay to put the harmless video in his collection instead of deleting it. Insider claims that Ramsay did initially clarify that no lambs were hurt, despite the fact that the caption appears to have been modified since its original publication.

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