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Papon Controversy: Singer Eliminated From “The Voice India Kids;” Was She Fired Or Did She Quit?

This is the most recent turn of events in the issue surrounding Papon’s alleged kiss with the underage girl. According to various reports, the singer will not participate in the filming of the final two episodes of the reality show…

We just informed you a few minutes ago how singer Shaan defended Papon in the kissing issue, but afterward deleted his tweet in which he made the defense.
And here’s yet another update for you.

According to a report that was published in a leading daily, Mid-day, after the news of Papon kissing a minor contestant from a reality show The Voice Kids surfaced online, top officials of &TV (the channel that airs the show) had a three-hour meeting to decide the if the singer should now appear on the show as a judge.

The meeting was held to decide the if the singer should now appear on the show as a judge. It has been reported that the singer will not participate in the filming of the show’s upcoming episode, which is planned to take place early the following week.

According to information provided to the most prominent newspaper by a person close to Papon, “There are just two more episodes of the season that need to be filmed. Papon will not be present for the shoot that is scheduled to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Over the course of the next two days, they are scheduled to film the season-ending episode. In light of what occurred, even if he hasn’t been dismissed from his position, he probably won’t want to appear on the show anymore.”

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A video that was posted on Papon’s Facebook profile shows him enjoying Holi with the kids of The Voice India Kids, a show in which the singer serves as a judge. For those who joined the conversation later, the video is included below.

He is seen first administering gulal to one of the female participants, and then he kisses her in what appears to be an abusive manner. The young lady appears to be resisting Papon’s attempts to kiss her on the lips as he presses his mouth on hers.

Yesterday evening, in order to defend himself, Papon issued an open letter in which he claimed that he was unfairly condemned for something that was not his fault.

While his attorney Gaurang Kanth stated on a TV channel that Papon “just offered a peck” and that it was “his way of displaying affection,” the video showed Papon kissing the woman multiple times.

In the meantime, the girl’s parents have stated that they will not file a complaint against Papon and have instead issued a statement claiming that the singer is not responsible for their daughter’s actions as “a guide and a father figure to my daughter, and someone who has always inspired her to go after the things that she wants… The things that you witnessed in the video were not done on purpose.

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It was merely a brief display of affection, despite what the media is trying to depict it as “.Coming to Papon and continuing to serve as a judge for the final two episodes of The Voice India Kids, it seems unlikely that this will happen at this time.

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