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Olivia Wilde Controversy: At Cinema Con, Olivia Wilde Apparently Got a Divorce Request While She Was Performing.

The controversy surrounding Olivia Wilde began when she was giving a presentation at CinemaCon and an unmarked letter arrived, which she opened and read before continuing.

Wilde is a filmmaker and actor known for her work on “The Tron Legacy.” According to Deadline, the confidential package revealed long-hidden custody documents involving her ex-husband, Jason Sudeikis (‘Ted Lasso’).

This is what I’ve been looking for, right?” Wilde replied as the unknown person walked up to the microphone and handed him the envelope. Can I take this? The question was posed by Wilde.

I’d say the actress wasn’t exactly thrilled to see what was inside the box. She felt some concern, but she shrugged it off and went on promoting her new film, “Don’t Worry, Honey,” like the pro that she is.

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Olivia Wilde Controversy

Reports suggest that wilde and Sudeikis enjoyed one of Hollywood’s most passionate romances until their 2020 split. Their children, Otis and Daisy, were born even though they never got married. Dating since then, Wilde’s significant other is “Eternal” star, Harry Styles.

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Exactly what was going through Sudeikis’ mind when he conceived up this incredible feat? How significant was his part in everything? How did the mystery person get inside CinemaCon without being noticed? When they have children, who will take care of them? Many individuals were quick to clarify that the film’s star, Ted Lasso, had nothing to do with the production. Once it happens, we won’t know anything else until later.

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