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Ned Fulmer Controversy: Ned Fulmer Alleged Cheating Controversy React to Ned Fulmer Allegedly Cheating on His Wife Ariel!

Try Guys After a Reddit user reported that Ned Fulmer cheated on his wife Ariel, he received significant outrage on social media. The father of two is suspected by the Internet at large to have had an adulterous romance with Food Babies’ Alexandria Herring. In light of the YouTuber’s mysterious absence from their most recent efforts, this makes sense.

After Reddit user hamilton390 claimed to have caught Ned Fulmer in the act of kissing another lady in a New York bar, rumors began to circulate that Fulmer had been unfaithful to his wife.

Meanwhile, Food Babies followers observed that Will Thayer, Herring’s fiance, had deleted all the photographs of them from Instagram and made his account private. A Twitter user by the name of @camitwomeyy said that Herring and Fulmer had been unfollowed on Instagram by YB, the senior editor of the Food Babies.

It was alleged on No They Didn’t that Thayer had made the claims of cheating on Reddit. It has not been verified, though.

Fans saw that Ned Fulmer wasn’t in any of The Try Guys’ recent videos or podcasts, which further added to the rumors that something was going on between the two hosts.

Their 35-year-old member was also noticeably absent from the video intros posted to their YouTube page, which was another red flag for their devoted fanbase.

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Alexandria Herring Is an Associate Producer for The Try Guys

A native Angeleno, Alexandria Herring studied anthropology and communications at UH. She eventually joined the culinary challenge team The Try Guys and became an assistant producer for the show.

She first met the famous YouTubers while they were working for Buzzfeed before she joined The Try Guys’ solo channel. While promoting the film The Shallows, Herring collaborated with the group on a series of videos. In an interview, she reflected on her time spent in their employ, saying:

With more than 49.4k Instagram followers, Alexandria Herring is a social media phenomenon. In her films, she frequently supports the work of The Try Guys and shares highlights from her own trips. There are still photos of her and Will Thayer online.

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Netizens react to Ned Fulmer allegedly cheating on his wife Ariel

Ned Fulmer has become well-known among the group’s fans for his obvious love and devotion to his wife, whom he professes to love in several music videos. People were, needless to say, taken aback by the new allegations made against him.

Many others made comparisons to Adam Levine, lead singer of the band Maroon 5, who has also been the target of adultery allegations. Others voiced their dissatisfaction with The Try Guys member and assaulted him in an online forum.

One should keep in mind that as of this writing, neither Ned Fulmer nor his wife nor Alexandria have responded to the adultery charges.

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