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Mr. Beast Controversy: A Tweet about the Mr. Beast Squid Game that Went Viral Sparks Debate About the Creator Economy!

Jimmy Donaldson, better known on his YouTube as MrBeast, is a gamer, streamer, businessman, and philanthropist. In the early months of 2012, he began streaming at the tender age of thirteen. MrBeast6000 was his handle before.

Mr. Beast Squid Game Tweet Draws Controversy

MrBeast’s game show, which is modeled on the Netflix smash hit Squad Game, has attracted some contentious discussion regarding the differences between YouTube and Hollywood.

There’s a good chance that Netflix’s Squid Game will be remembered as the Battle Royale of this decade. There is already an entire subgenre of Roblox fan projects dedicated to the show, and some content producers have even hosted events themed around the smash Netflix blockbuster.

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Mr. Beast, a popular YouTuber, recently held a live Squid Game. He reenacted each and every one of the show’s challenges from Netflix and gave 456 competitors a shot at winning $456,000. Even though Mr. Beast’s adaptation is much less violent than the source material, it has caused some uproar on the internet.

Mr. Beast’s Squid Game video has around 115 million views on his YouTube account. When the video exceeded 113 million views, creator and Forbes and Time writer Jon Youshaei took note, remarking that it had surpassed the 103 million views of the Netflix episode. Youshaei tweeted out, “More views, less time, fewer gatekeepers,” praising what he sees as a bright future for the creator-driven media economy.

Not everyone agreed with Youshaei’s take on the events, but many responses shared his excitement. Last-Line, a YouTuber, disagrees and says the two aren’t comparable. While Mr. Beast’s reconstruction of Squid Game is undeniably spectacular, he notes that it exists only because of the Netflix series. And there’s a significant gap between making a 25-minute game show and an 8-hour epic. A single YouTube video may be seen with far less effort and time than watching a whole season of a show on Netflix.

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Several commenters agreed with Last-Line or shared his views, showing that he wasn’t the only one who disagreed with Jon Youshaei’s analysis. Some reviewers, however, went even further, calling Mr. Beast’s movie a “copy-pasta.” While this may seem harsh, it’s true that Squid Game was responsible for both the ideas and the visual design. Others also pointed out that just because Squid Game’s director, Hwang Dong-hyuk, began scripting it a decade ago doesn’t imply that it took that long to complete.

In response to these claims, Youshaei said that the time lag between scripting and filming proved his point regarding Hollywood gatekeepers. His point, he added, was to highlight the progress made by content makers, not to criticize the Netflix series. Youshaei may have been powerless to stop the onslaught of negative tweets.

You could think this is a lot of fuss over nothing more than a remark, and you wouldn’t be wrong. One thing Jon Youshaei got right, though, was that Mr. Beast pulled off a remarkable achievement with his adaptation of the smash Netflix drama Squid Game. A Twitter debate over whether is superior seems to miss the forest for the trees.

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