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Mitsuri Bath Scene Controversy: In The Third Season of Demon Slayer, Japanese Viewers Demanded that A Bath Scene Starring Mitsuri Be Cut.

There hasn’t been much time between the conclusion of Season 2 of “Demon Slayer” and the announcement that production would soon begin on Season 3. But it’ll be a while before you arrive. Before that, however, there are already some viewers who aren’t fond of the upcoming season because of the scene in which Mitsuri takes a bath.

Swordsmith Village Arc,” the third season of the franchise, will include a crossover appearance by not one but two Hashiras. “Love Hashira” Mitsuri Kanroji, a stunning beauty, will be one of them. Many Japanese viewers of “Demon Slayer” are suddenly concerned about her character’s future on the show.

mitsuri bath scene controversy

In the next season, Tanjiro really visits the Swordsmith Village to purchase a replacement blade for his broken sword. As soon as he arrives in the town, he has whisked away to a hot spring, where he encounters Mitsuri Kanroji from “Love Hashira,” who appears to be undressed. Fans are concerned that the action would be slowed down when translated from the comic to animation.

In light of this new information, some viewers of Demon Slayer‘ would like to have the bath scene with Mitsuri eliminated from Season 3. As shown in the comments on a Japanese message board, some individuals are already uneasy at the prospect of Mitsuru’s nudeness in the next third season. Criticisms said it fell short of the standards set by the “Entertainment District Arc.”

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Many of Them Said that The Scene in The Bath

mitsuri bath scene controversy

One common complaint was that the bathroom scene was demeaning to women. They believe that sexual references shouldn’t be used in a program aimed at children. ‘Scenes and incidents that aren’t suitable for TV should be deleted,’ remarked one viewer. Since it has attracted so many readers, this work merits careful consideration.

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However, Matsuri has been a target for many people in the past. People on the internet complained that the Hashiras’ cleavage was depicted too prominently when they initially appeared in the first season.

By the time Season, 3 of Demon Slayer aired, many viewers already disliked Matsuri. However, many more fans have also expressed a desire for Studio Ufotable to animate Mitsuri’s bath scene in a mocking tone. If you want to keep up with the latest developments in the world of anime and manga, then you should definitely forward this post to your other otaku pals.

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