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Matthew Gray Gubler Controversy: What Gives with Matthew Gray Gubler’s Twitter Cancellation? Explained Controversy!

People on Twitter are campaigning to have Matthew Gray Gubler ‘cancelled. What exactly is it that people are criticising the Criminal Minds star for?

Perhaps in 2020, never before has to cancel culture been as widespread as it is now.

Many people’s names have been called out on Twitter and elsewhere this year for their acts in the past or the present.

Whether it was said only ten minutes ago or ten years ago, people are being made an example of and held accountable for their online comments.

matthew gray gubler controversy

Unfortunately, there are occasions when calling someone out on their harmful behaviour is an absolute necessity. In contrast, there have been some oddly unsuccessful attempts to cancel celebrities this year, the most intriguing of which occurred when fans tried to delete Joji after learning about his satirical Filthy Frank/Pink Guy persona.

The 40-year-old actor Matthew Gray Gubler, known for his role as Dr. Spencer Reid on the CBS series Criminal Minds, has been the subject of renewed calls to “kill” the show.

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Matthew Gray Gubler “cancelled” on Twitter

Critics have been trying to have Matthew Gray Gubler cancelled for quite some time. One Twitter thread, published on August 13, 2020, provided additional context.

Since then, many have criticised the actor, saying he has been or should be “cancelled” because of what was written.

An individual asked on Twitter lately, “So is Matthew Gray Gubler still cancelled or can I support him without the fear of being dragged now?”

“I don’t think he should be ‘cancelled,’ I just think he should address all the things that have been said about him,” another user commented.

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Matthew Gray Gubler Controversy Explained

Read all the accusations against Matthew in this thread on Pinterest.

The thread essentially details claims that Matthew has offended members of the LGBTQ community with his words.

Most notably, in an interview (which can be viewed in the thread and on Pinterest), Matthew describes his ideal woman as follows: “I am wary of actors, convicts, and lesbians but don’t rule them out totally.”

Some have speculated that his attitude against the LGBTQ population is revealed by his grouping “lesbians” with “felons.”

Onward, the thread reveals a tweet from 2009 in which Matthew comments, “When questioning friends if my magenta beret is too homosexual looking…”

The thread attacks him for cultural appropriation and his choice of language in interviews. It even includes photos of him modelling an Indian headdress.

An exhaustive rundown of everything discussed can be found in the full thread.

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Fans Are Coming to His Defence

A number of supporters have come to the actor’s defence, saying that the comments were made years ago and that he has changed since then.

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