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Lany Controversy: Usg Social Commitee Removes Them from Hosting Lawnparties, Check to Know Why…

According to the USG Social Committee, the band LANY will no longer be performing at this year’s Lawnparties on Sunday, Oct. 3.

Many students expressed their discontent with the announcement of the headliner after Paul Klein, the band’s main vocalist, was accused of predatory conduct, manipulation, and emotional abuse.

The president and social chair of the USG, Christian Potter ’22 and William Gu ’23 wrote an email to the undergraduate student body on Tuesday night, citing student concerns as the motivating cause behind their decision.

“After learning of the claims against LANY following the news announcement this past Sunday, the USG Senate and Social Committee quickly took action and began examining options to address the situation,” they stated.

Because of the gravity of the claims, it was decided on Monday that the wisest course of action would be to bring in a new headliner for this year’s Lawnparties.

There are no justifications for any kind of sexual misbehaviour, and the USG Senate reiterates that it is not tolerated.

Lawn parties is no exception,” they added. “Creating a safe, equitable, and inclusive community is at the top of our priority list.”

Lany Controversy

“If [USG] had been aware of these charges, they would not have considered LANY as a potential headliner for Lawnparties,” Gu stated in an email to The Daily Princetonian.

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According to celebritytalent.net, LANY‘s booking fees range from $75,000 to $149,999.

Following the original headliner announcement, some students turned to social media to point out that Paul Klein, the group’s lead vocalist, has been accused of predatory and manipulative behaviour, as well as psychological abuse.

Enrique Ziga González ’22 was one of the first students to tweet his anger with the decision.

He chastised the US government for not doing enough to prepare for the incident in an email to the ‘Prince.’

It only took a simple Google search and some comments from friends for him to recognise anything was awry, he claims.

In a nutshell, he thanked USG for cancelling LANY’s performance.

The email continues, “The student body will continue to be updated regarding the selection of a new headline act.” They hoped to announce the new headlining act at the same time that LANY was cancelled.

Due to the logistical constraints of finding a substitute artist on short notice, we are unable to make an announcement at this time,” they added.

Potter and Gu signed off on the email, promising to encourage a diverse workplace.

The presence of these individuals, he believes, would make students feel “very vulnerable.” I believe that was a poor move in view of their charges, many of which were made by college-aged women.”
According to him, many students find the situation extremely exhausting.

He remarked that “waiting for the surprise and hyping the release day” was “not worth this much misery placed on the survivors.” Some of us have had to relive our bad experiences in order to rationalise why we don’t want [LANY] on campus.”

In a public Google document, Twitter user @hahlys (Hailey Pryor) has compiled 12 separate complaints from followers who claim to have had a detrimental relationship with Klein at various times between 2014 and 2020.

The “Prince” has not attempted to verify the assertions mentioned in the document, according to the Google page.

Pryor is a Fordham University student in New York City. “I decided to assemble the allegations” to “do whatever [she] could to educate people about this band’s goals,” she claimed.

To protect the privacy of the fans who took part, names and places of events were left out of the record.

In August 2020, fans across the country began making complaints against Klein, and Pryor learned about them in December 2020. Pryor said she continued to update the piece as new information became available after the band announced intentions to go on tour in July 2021.

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“I wanted to make sure that their fans, especially young females, knew what this band was capable of and how to stay safe around them if they still planned on going to this tour,” she told The Daily Princetonian.

Julia Nees ’25 wrote the ‘Prince’ a telegram in which she expressed her mixed emotions over the news.

While she was relieved that LANY would no longer be functioning, she hoped the USG had been more forthcoming about its search for a replacement. Because it took students only minutes to find the allegations, I’m nevertheless disappointed that not enough research was done on them beforehand.

Lany Controversy

Hannah Faughnan ’23, who organised a petition that went live early Tuesday afternoon, believes that the selection of singers for lawn parties should be more open and transparent.

The petition demanded that LANY’s concert be cancelled. The petition had 783 signatures at the time of writing.

In an email to the “Prince,” Faughnan stated that there is still a desire to improve the mechanism that allowed the tragedy to happen in the first place.

Panaji Hylton ’22, who goes by J. Paris at Lawnparties, had no idea what was going on when she received an email this evening.

He was disappointed that he didn’t learn about it sooner; he claims that they could have notified him.

“In any case, I’m going to put on a fantastic show.” Because students are more excited about who will perform, Hylton believes he has more opportunities to shine.

LANY did not respond to requests for comment right away.

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