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Joyce Meyer Controversy: Here Are Some of Meyer’s Most Controversial Quotes!

One of the most well-known Christian apologists of our day, Joyce Meyer has amassed a vast fortune via the spread of her beliefs through her best-selling books and worldwide ministry.

When it comes to her readings of the Bible and the “false ideas” she teaches, Meyer isn’t necessarily considered “conventional.”

A pastor named Rick Henderson wrote a blog for The Huffington Post in which he specifically named Meyer and criticized her for her incorrect beliefs.

“Fantastic guidance is what she offers. My wife or one of my children could go to her for counsel in a pinch, and I have no doubt they would come back with excellent suggestions that would help them out. They would learn dangerous heresy from her and be destroyed if they returned home with it.”

Some of Meyer’s more controversial remarks are included below.

joyce meyer controversy

(1) One of Meyer’s most divisive claims is that Jesus went to hell and was the first person to be “born again.” The words out of her mouth are, “Put your faith in what the Bible claims Jesus did. Do your best to wrap your head around the idea that he is the divinely conceived and conceived Son of God.

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On the cross, Jesus bore the guilt that was due to humanity. His death was just temporary. Three days passed while he was buried. At that moment, He went to the pit, where you and I rightfully belonged due to our own sin.”

Wording may vary somewhat across versions, but this passage may be found in her 1996 book “The Most Important Decision You Will Ever Make.”

joyce meyer controversy

Joyce Meyer claims that her teachings, which are not found in the Bible, can only be understood by direct revelation from God. “Even the Bible is at a loss to explain this. In a word, no. That’s why you need a revelation to understand it.

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What I am telling you cannot be put into words. It’s from the book “What Happened from the Cross to the Throne?” and it means “I have to trust God that He’s putting it into your spirit as he put it into mine.” “written by W.W. Kenyon.

Meyer’s audiotape “Witchcraft & Related Spirits” argues that not all spiritual direction must originate from God. “Since ghosts lack physical forms, we cannot observe them. OK? Believe me, I know there are, and pray that there are many angels up here this morning preaching with me.

One of them, I think, leans down next to me before I make a prophesied speech to you and whispers the words into my ear.”

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